Smiling and the beginning of the Robot Uprising

You should smile unless you’re in Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada, or Virginia.

Just read in USA Today (don’t ask me why I was reading USA Today) that the 4 states listed above have begun disallowing smiles in DMV photos. Apparently they use facial recognition software to compare photos to photos on other licenses and smiles kind of screw up the process.

We all know from the movies that robots have problems can’t handle emotion. So now the robots are evening the playing field and asking humans to eliminate emotions.  It’s  a slippery slope I tell you.

Next thing you know – once more without emotion, the humans are dead, dead, dead.

Dishonoring the badge

Sometimes I am reminded that those that are charged with keeping law and order don’t have the common sense necessary to conduct the job.

Last week a Dallas police officer kept former Eagle Ryan Moats from going into a hospital to be with his mother-in-law, Jonetta Collinsworth, as she died. Quotes from the officer include “I can screw you over” and “I can just take you to jail for running a red light.” Moats, while understandably agitated, remained relatively calm, never said he was an NFL player, complied, but by the time the cop was done, Moats’ mother-in-law had passed. Other police officers, hospital officials implored the officer to allow Moats into the hospital and write the ticket inside to which he responded “I’m almost done.”

This cop is not human, he is an animal. Just as the thugs that run the street deserve scorn, so does this piece of crap. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must feel like to know a family member is dying while an officer is holding you for a minor traffic infraction.

My initial response was that Moats being black had a lot to do with this. While I think this was a factor, now I think it’s simply a fact of a cop being a dick. If the man that got out of the car was George Clooney, this officer still would have been a dick. Maybe not as much of a dick, but a dick none the less. I think nothing short of Angelina Jolie would have stopped him. And she’d probably have to be naked. And have a parent dying.

There’s not even a bit of remorse to take the sting away. Just a defense that he was just doing his job. That sounds a lot like the defense “just following orders” that those convicted of Auschwitz war crimes used. In this economic climate, it’s hard for me to wish for someone to lose their job, but he’d be lucky if that’s the only punishment he received.

My heart goes out to the Moats/Collinsworth family. Those final minutes will likely haunt them forever. Not just because of the fact they weren’t able to spend those final moments with her, but also because in this time of need, someone that should have been counted on to assist in times of need made things worse because of a remarkable lack of compassion.

It goes as a strong statement, that nothing that I’ve seen recently is more disheartening than this.

The following is a news story that includes excerpts from the officer’s dashboard camera.

Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun

I always find it amusing that I gravitated to Throwing Muses in the early 90’s and never listened to the Pixies for another 10 years after discovering the Muses. Throwing Muses University (Amazon MP3) was a high point in the early 90’s indie-rock thing that was happening.

Here’s Throwing Muses most known song “Bright Yellow Gun”. (I cringe about the “Bright Yellow Gun” t-shirt I often wore to work). Kristin Hersh is doing her snake charmer dance proud here.

Throwing Muses is touring again and will be at The World Cafe Live Tuesday, March 10, 2009.