The Philadelphia Examiner now featuring me

I’ve been attempting to re-envision  myself as a writer. Part of that re-envisioning or reinvention is my current position, writing for the Philadelphia Examiner. The Examiner is a part of the very popular San Francisco Examiner website. They’ve expanded to include many local metros across the country. For the Examiner I will be covering the Conshohocken community.

It’s funny that I have to re-envision myself as a writer; yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my WordPress site, and it’s been over 4 years total writing this blog. That’s approaching almost 800 posts in that time frame. I might actually be a writer, an unpaid writer, but a writer none the less.

So for all my Conshy friends, family, and peers – please add this page to your daily reads. Also, if you have article ideas for me, let me know.

Spencer’s Conshohocken Community Examiner Page

Blogger wakes up

So Blogger realized the error of their ways and fixed the problem where you needed a Blogger ID to link within a comment.     On VDog’s site there’s a great email from Blogger admitting to the fact they eliminated the URL field prematurely.

One thing of note – if you self-host your own site like I do, you need to obtain a OpenID.   Great instructions here on getting a OpenID for a self-hosted WordPress site or any other self-hosted site.

Spam attack

So yesterday I noticed that I had 30 new comments when I checked my blog.   Turns out a porn site had decided to target my site by adding comments to all of my old posts.   They tried to add 132 comments to old posts.   Thanks to WordPress plug-in Akisment, most were turned away.

Spammers are the scourge of the internet.   They target sites that don’t want them to advertise their shit and add to the cost everyone pays online.

Little frustrations

So just because I’m now hosting my own blog at iamspencer, doesn’t mean that there haven’t been issues.   Seems as if there has been some issue with Godaddy, Godaddy and Comcast, and spammers.   Add to that I’ve been in Boston for two days and then went to New York City today and I just haven’t had a chance to really fix things.

Hopefully I will have things running well soon enough.

Welcome to an all new A Rubber Door

Welcome to the all new A Rubber Door. I grew tired of blogger being down so I bought a new URL, and upgraded my server, and decided to go with WordPress (thanks to Merujo and Urban Jacksonville). I have to say that the installation is increadibly easy. There’s a tool that imports all of your posts and comments. Like a lot of programs today, WordPress is extensible through the use of plug-ins. Much more flexible than blogger.

A few cool changes:

  • Categorized posts
  • Comments RSS – that allows you to track comments
  • New archives system
  • Cool new header (thanks Todd)
  • And a lot more things I’ve forgotten or don’t know about yet

If you have a link to my site on your blog, please update it to (the name is still A Rubber Door though).

Some of the links are broken at the top of the page, but if you find any problems, suggestion, or feedback – please let me know.

Update: the links are updated at the top.   The posting problem is fixed – now you don’t need to be logged in to post.