Favorite 2012 Grammy Tweets

A few of my favorite tweets from tonight’s Grammys. And yes, I included a couple of my own.

  • Breaking News: After recount, Adele also won Iowa caucus.@jonmorosi
  • Lady Gaga was just heard saying, ‘This is weird.’ (About Nicki Minaj’ performance) @JimCaruso1
  • So Bon Iver just won Best New Artist. I bought the 1st album in the fall of 2008. This says everything you need to know about the Grammy’s.@PhillyMike
  • Feb 12, 2012 – the day Autotune becomes aware and kills Adele & the Foo Fighters. @iamspencer
  • Grammy Newsbreak! Ice-T and The Lemonheads to form supergroup, “Arnold Palmer.”@JoshMalina
  • Adele’s album is also about Dave Coulier.@stephenfalk
  • My wife just asked “why do they bother standing up during [Stevie Wonder’s] standing ovations?” @iamspencer

Share your favorites in the comment section.

Twittering the Vice Presidential Debate

I’ll be tweeting during the debate. Hopefully I’ll be somewhat witty. If you care to join in – just point your browser here:

Spencer’s Twitter Page

I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to a VP debate. While I’m hoping that Palin falls flat on her lipstic, I think that it will be a lot closer than I want. She knows how to handle herself in a debate – the stakes here are bigger, but she’ll be looking for mistakes, and Biden is prone to them. That said, she also has to be careful – I originally thought she’d just play attack dog, but after the past week, I don’t think that will play. People will want to hear her talk about the issues. I also think that with her past few interviews, she’s set the bar so low, that if she manages to string a couple of coherent sentences together without screwing up, the Republicans might claim victory.

One note: My Phillies are playing tomorrow at 6:07. If it’s played to the tempo of today’s game, it will be over by the time the debate, if not – I’ll be watching two things at once for a few minutes.