The Amazing Race returns early for a 12th season

Good news for me – bad news for Viva Laughlin fan.   The Amazing Race has been sitting on the side lines waiting for something to fail and gets it’s chance on November 4th.   CBS announced the new Amazing Race teams this week (thank god it’s not families).

I know certain people hold a lot of disdain for reality shows, I am one of them.   But I also consider myself open minded and am willing to admit that even though most reality shows are shit, this one isn’t.   Give it a two week try starting next Sunday.

Amazing Race: Rob and Amber – we’ll miss you not

romber.jpgIf you haven’t watched The Amazing Race yet – shame on you. If so – how shocking was it to lose Rob and Amber (Romber) after their winning the first 3 legs of the race? While great competitors – they were the epitome of Boston arrogant and had become the team everyone loved to hate.

Funny thing was their downfall was not knowing how to race from the back of the pack. While the other teams have had to race from behind – Romber never has and didn’t know what to do. By the time they had gotten to the last challenge, they had given up; you could tell by their body language.

To lose to the whiny Mirna and Shmirna (Charla) team is downright embarrassing – and enjoyable as hell.

The ho-hum Race

The Amazing Race ended Sunday with a whimper and controversy.

To recap – the 3 teams left had to fly from Barcelona to Paris at the beginning of the episode.   They ran around in Paris – with Lyn and Karlyn making up significant time by picking the better airport and flight.   After running around Paris, they have to fly to New York City, Lyn and Karlyn fuck up, and end up at De Gaulle Airport last and without a flight back to the states.   Because of this, they weren’t even a factor in the last leg.   I’ve been watching for about 6 races now and this was the worst finale ever.   Eliminating a team based on flight availability just plain out sucks.   (Is it me or is it surprising that there wasn’t more than one flight to NYC?)

Add to that that there wasn’t a brains test in the last leg (the models won because their cab driver had EZ-Pass) makes me want to forget this race all together.

On to the next race – which is the The Amazing Race All-Stars.   This should be fun – some good villains and good players.   Looking forward to that in February.

Another Amazing Race…

amazingrace.jpgI love seeing the villains vanquished. Every season of the Amazing Race there is a villain – this year it was the beauty queens, Dustin and Candace. They were great racers, but also assholes. So incredibly happy to see them go.

Am also very proud to see The Bamas , Lyn and Karlyn, two African-American women, become the first all woman team to make the final 3. They’ve been overlooked and underestimated the entire race. Knowing that the last leg of the race is usually about brains and avoiding the fatal mistake – they have a great chance to win it all.

As for last week’s episode – the Bamas were angry at being yielded by the beauty queens (btw – the beauty queens, not so beautiful), but they should have been angry at the teams ahead of the beauties at not yielding the strongest team at that point. It made absolutely no sense for the models or Rob and Kimberly not to yield the beauties.

Those damn hippies!

The end of Amazing Race 9 wasn’t as tense as the Amazing Race 7 end but it was still entertaining. My prediction of the frat boys was off but the hippies deserved to win – I love the brain teasing end rewarding brains over brawn.

I would love CBS to do an Amazing Race reunion after every season end – the same way Survivor does.

Still too many finales to go.

Amazing Race – Coming in for a landing

mojo.jpgThe season finales are dwindling to a few including tomorrow night’s Amazing Race two hour end. I have to say if any of the three win, I’ll be fine with it. This year’s big bad MoJo was vanquished last week. No more crying (“this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done”). No more bitching (yields are unfair). No more seeing Monica bounce I mean run – damn it! Just the frats pretending they’re not gay. The hippies following and begging. And Ray and Yolanda (no nickname) being ignored as a threat.

My prediction: I’m not feeling the hippie love, although I’d like to see them win – they make crucial mistakes. Ray and Yolanda – maybe but I’m going with the frats – then they can come out of the closet as they star in the next season of Queer Eye.


The Amazing Race: Family Edition over – THANK GOD!

In the words of the Weavers – THANK THE LORD! (those that watch The Amazing Race understand).

First off – I love the Linzes, am happy they won, but in no way would they have competed in a normal race. They made too many mistakes and only their tenacity brought them through. That said – they’re were one of the most likeable groups they’ve ever had on TAR. As for the Weavers – well for one hour each week I had someone I hated more than Dubya. The fact that they were in the final three and were as universally loathed as they were made for some tense TV watching in this house.

The final three teams were so lackluster that the end was welcome. The end of TAR 7 was so fulfilling and suspensful, I was hoped that this race would propel TAR to even greater races. Oh well.

The Amazing Race 9 is coming in February. Let’s hope that the producers get back to good old fashion racing (you know where people do things, some people fall behind, some get ahead, etc.) If so I can put this sorry race to the far reaches of my mind.