Generic Snakes on a Plane Title – Part 2

My favorite part of Snakes on a Plane: there’s a scene where Samuel L.   starts his “we all have to get together” speech – you know the kind – rah, rah – Knute Rocke type of thing, at which point I turn to Kristen and say “here comes the shark!”   Kristen calmly says “wrong movie hon.”

Those that have seen really good, bad Samuel L. Jackson movies know what I’m talking about.

Generic Snakes on a Plane title

(All the good titles are gone – Snakes on a Blog, taken. Twists on the title are so April.) sjacksonshoot.png

Kristen and I saw the much hyped Snakes on a Plane Saturday night. Expecting huge crowds, we stopped by the theater early to grab tickets, so imagine my surprise when we arrive and the show is not even close to a sellout. The entertainment media is already calling the movie a flop – only taking in $15.2 million dollars – about have the cost to make the movie.

A lot of the stories are claiming that this is an indictment of the blogosphere, buzz marketing, and internet marketing in general. My take is this – New Line Cinema made a mistake in relying soley on the internet and word of mouth marketing to market this movie – yes it’s cheaper, but if they wanted really huge numbers, it would have helped to build on the buzz with a wider broadcast campaign.

That said, this movie is a success because they were able to viably launch a movie without a huge media spend – that really hadn’t been done before. This movie doesn’t even get made without the internet. Media stories stating that SOAP isn’t successful are in part self-serving because they’re the ones that have lost out on ad dollars.

On to the movie – if for some reason you’re expecting this to be an Oscar level film you’ll be dissappointed. SOAP is a summer escapism – think Speed with less IQ. Lot’s of Samuel L., snakes, and laugh out loud lines (intentional and unintentional). Not a good movie, but it lives up to my expectations, and I’m fine with that. If you can’t laugh at yourself, and have an inability to do something totally silly – don’t go.