Love me some LaLa

I just reviewed Lala over at SlyMiser. I know I’m late to this particular game, but Lala is still worth crowing about. Of course now that Apple has purchased Lala – everyone will be hearing about them. Amazon MP3 is still my store of choice, but I’m keeping my eye on Lala.

What do you do for music? iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, something decidedly less legal? Let me know in the comments section. launches

slymiserWhat have I been doing while laid off? Well I decided to join a few friends in creating a website. After months of work, has launched. Our tagline is “Life in Style. Budget in Check.” Our goal is to provide information to help people maintain their sense of style and being in trying financial times. We figured that these are the times when people most need distractions in their lives, and when the economy does turn around – you still want advice on how to spend money wisely.

Please visit our site. It’s in phase 1, so any feedback you might have is greatly appreciated. Hopefully you’ll find the site of enough use to come back, join our community, and share it with your friends.

SlyMiser is coming soon

6460_116235288020_110577403020_2329193_3798532_nIn this economy…

A few months ago some friends and I decided there needed to be a place for people who wanted to live their lives in the fashion they were accustomed to without breaking the bank. We couldn’t find one that we liked, so we decided to create one.

Coming this fall our new website, will offer tips, reviews, and articles on how to live your life in style without breaking the bank.

Visit our site and become our fan on Facebook – we’ll be offering tips and breaking news there until the site is up and running this fall.