Open letter to John McCain supporters

After the past few weeks, of watching the debates, the politicization of the bailout by John McCain, and the renewed attacks from the McCain mob having to do with Bill Ayers, I wonder how McCain supporters can not be disappointed in their candidate. To be more blunt, John McCain is as slimy a character as you will run across in politics right now.   I know that if he was the presumptive leader of my party, I would be beyond disappointed all the way to disgusted.   The lack of character shown by McCain, Palin and his gang of Rove wannabes, is mind-numbing. Repeated lies, race baiting, it’s all just distasteful.

He wants to call himself a maverick – Palin mentioned that word at least a dozen times in her debate with Joe Biden last week;   you’d think a maverick would be talking about the economy these days, but not today – today we heard “who is the real Obama” – if I were considering McCain I would want to know – your real plan to rescue the economy;   your real plan to save my home from foreclosure; your real plan to rebuild health care; your real plan to make college more affordable.   Some of the comments heard at is rallies would be more appropriate for a KKK gathering, not that of a political candidate in the year 2008.

Instead we hear more of the same politics from the Republicans, and all I have to ask is this: how can any self-respecting, intelligent person even consider voting for John McCain once you compare them on the issues and then have to take a look at his behavior the past month?

John McCain is just plain slimy.

Tweets from the Biden/Palin Debate

  • The Phillies are making it easy to catch the entire VP Debate tonight. Thought I was going to have to have 2 TVs going. #
  • @eyedesignstudio Thank goodness Palinbingo doesn’t say middle class – cause we know a Republican won’t say that. #
  • Hmm – maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Palin to sneak Tina Fey in as her replacement #
  • Printing our Palingbingo cards: #
  • @VizionQuest The book hasn’t been released and nothing about Obama has been written. Don’t assume just because the author is black #
  • OMG – Republicans talking about new energy and bringing something new. Really? Old man McCain has been around for 26 years. #
  • Nice one – great comeback on Biden’s part. #
  • Yes Palin reduced her towns budget from $10 to $8 a year. #
  • OMG – Barak want’s everyone to have health insurance. Awesome. $5000 for health insurance? #
  • Nice one. Bridge to Nowhere is a great description of the Republicans. #
  • “and it all starts with job creation” #
  • Great – because you’ve been hidden away from talking, she doesn’t have any promises to break. #
  • Great, great answer about oil company profits the windfall profits tax. #
  • We also have John McCain to thank for the Blackberry. #
  • So she answers “No” and then moves on to another talking point. 90 minutes is too much for her portfolio of answers. #
  • “and it goes back to job creation” #
  • She doesn’t want to argue the causes of global warming but wants to lower emissions? Does that make sense? #
  • Drill baby Drill? Holy crap. WTF? #
  • Senator O’Biden? Top of the morning to ya! #
  • I do support capping carbon emissions – ummm, what are they? #
  • OMG, she’s got a black friend. #
  • @VizionQuest But nothing has been written – why do you assume it will be positive? #
  • Will she be able to tell the difference between Iran and Pakistan? #
  • I think Palin should get lower grade questions. “Governor Palin, Spell Pakistan” #
  • She’s not answering the damn questions. #
  • Mmm – that Israel has been a good lover to me. Oh, not that Israel. #
  • I figured out Palin’s answer structure: single word answer and then avoid the question by spouting a speaking point. #
  • OMG – did she say “There you go again”? #
  • Palin “word to your mother” #
  • @briandonahue She can’t even pronounce “you” #
  • What is she reading from? #
  • From the hugest of states – Alaska? #
  • Wow – Republicans saying they have a record of democracy and tolerance? #
  • This is so much better than the Prez debate. #
  • Sarah Palin’s favorite movie? Maverick. #
  • Sarah Palin’s favorite car? Her old Ford Maverick. #
  • Sarah Palin’s favorite character in Top Gun? You guessed it, Maverick. #
  • Is Palin going to shout out to her gays? #
  • @briandonahue He helped win the war in Vietnam – oh wait. #
  • @ophelia agreed – it was definitely the scariest part of the debate. Palin having the power that Cheney has had is scary. #
  • Somebody hand that woman a stunt baby. #
  • Shout out to the fightin’ Phils, beating the Brewers quickly so I could pay attention the debate. #
  • That’s it for me twittering the debate. Palin wasn’t horrible, but she had set the bar really low. Biden had the debate of his life. #
  • @scarls17 Hey, look at my favicon – it’s Obama, I make no bones who I support. But I support him for his positions and his judgment. #
  • @moodyboy c’mon – I posted that on Twitter an hour ago. Maverick duh! #
  • My first bumper stickers go Obama! #
  • My first bumper stickers. Go Obama! #

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Twittering the Vice Presidential Debate

I’ll be tweeting during the debate. Hopefully I’ll be somewhat witty. If you care to join in – just point your browser here:

Spencer’s Twitter Page

I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to a VP debate. While I’m hoping that Palin falls flat on her lipstic, I think that it will be a lot closer than I want. She knows how to handle herself in a debate – the stakes here are bigger, but she’ll be looking for mistakes, and Biden is prone to them. That said, she also has to be careful – I originally thought she’d just play attack dog, but after the past week, I don’t think that will play. People will want to hear her talk about the issues. I also think that with her past few interviews, she’s set the bar so low, that if she manages to string a couple of coherent sentences together without screwing up, the Republicans might claim victory.

One note: My Phillies are playing tomorrow at 6:07. If it’s played to the tempo of today’s game, it will be over by the time the debate, if not – I’ll be watching two things at once for a few minutes.

Sarah Bailin’

Now we know why the McCain campaign is attempting to suspend his campaign and get out of the debate.

McCain supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing to the Presidential Debate Commission and the Obama camp that if there’s no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis.

I guess after seeing Pailin’s miserable performance in her interview with Katie Couric today, they decided they needed to get out.