Protesting at the Valley Swim Club

IMG_0349Today I went to the Valley Swim Club to protest the very egregious statements of their president and how they have treated the children of the Creative Steps daycare. In the morning we had 4 people and reporters from CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Inquirer and Daily News. In the afternoon they were joined by every national news outlet and the story had blown up.

It all started with a tweet last night. The power of twitter. There were only 4 of us out there this morning, but we were enough to shut down the club. And by the time 5:30 rolled around, there was a renewed protest with many more people and a lot more vigor. I feel like we did something. But we still don’t have an apology – and there needs to be one.

The club changed it’s website tonight – and let it’s members do the talking instead of having an official come out and make a statement. It was an amazing show of poor crisis communication and showed amazing cowardice. And the statement they made doesn’t address the comments of the president. I am tired of apologies that are not apologies. The president made insulting comments and those need to be addressed. You say the reaction had nothing to do with racism – and that there were other camps that were barred – but the comments were made about the minority camp and the barring happened the day after they were at the club.

BTW – Thanks to the Preston and Steve show for talking about this on their morning show on late notice. Their help was surely felt in the later hours as this story built momentum.

Black kids booted from a swim club in Philadelphia

Just read a story about a swim club here in the Philadelphia area that booted a group of black kids from the club because of their skin color. The news stories state that all the white kids left the pool once the black kids entered. That the black kids were asked to leave because the club doesn’t allow black people in the club. That parents complained about the safety of their children.

If you don’t believe me, read the following quote:

Then the swim club president  John Duesler issued this statement: “There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club.”

I can’t believe, given time to craft a response, that the response they came up with. I do believe in this day and age that we have racist bastards out there.

The story has blown up to a national story on the Huffington Post. If you think racism is dead in this era of a black President, think again.

I’m ready to march on this club. We need to embarrass the members (the ones that can be embarrassed) and out the ones who support this policy.  Who’s available Thursday morning?

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