Conan O’Brien: The Tonight Show at 12:05 isn’t the Tonight Show

Following up on my post earlier this week – Conan O’Brien tells NBC to suck it. Now I will admit to loving drama, hating NBC (they cancelled Life!), and never liking Jay Leno; so I love this. NBC is getting exactly what they deserve. You might be seeing the move that turns NBC into a cable network. Conan goes to Fox at 11 PM, cleans Leno’s clock, so now both primetime and late night are a shambles at NBC.

It’s what TV has become , that they couldn’t give Leno or O’Brien time for his show to build – the way Late Night with Conan O’Brien did. If you look at the shows that wouldn’t exist if they ¬†couldn’t wait – Seinfeld, The Office, 30 Rock, X-Files, etc. Not every show is Lost or ER – a smash hit out the gate. And for every Lost we have 3 Heroes – a show that looks good early, but can’t keep it up.

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Life flatlines


It was all but dead, but yesterday NBC made it official and cancelled Life. A shame. Life deserved better than it got. Inconsistent scheduling; Poor or no advertising; writers strike at the beginning of it’s first season; and worst of all being on the worst network in NBC. It’s amazing that NBC can have critically acclaimed shows like 30 Rock, The Office, Friday Night Lights, Chuck, and Life but can get no one to watch their network.

Part of me understood Life not doing well – it was to say the least quirky. Damian Lewis’ Charlie Crews had more ticks than Yosemite. He was a cop framed for a murder he didn’t commit, released from prison, given millions of dollars in settlement, and a job as a detective. Life probably would have been better off on the USA Network where offbeat series such as Monk, Psych, In Plain Sight, and Burn Notice have thrived under less of a microscope. It’s great for Life fans that the producers wrapped all loose ends in the series finale.

Within the next few weeks the verdict is due Chuck. I’m cautiously optimistic that Chuck will be back. Unlike Life, Chuck has had a steady spot on Monday nights and has had pretty decent advertising support. It’s just another quirky show – and on a network who’s big series next year is Jay Leno 5 nights a week at 10, quirky isn’t good.