Michael Penn update: Palms & Runes; MH 1947; new website; touring

michaelpenn_palms_runes.jpgThe album will be available on April 17 and is already available on Amazon. I just got a copy of the artwork which you can see here. On the same day Sony/Legacy will be releasing a remastered version of Michael Penn’s 2005 release Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947. I’m hearing that the remastering is amazing – so add that to your shopping list too.

Couple of other notes:

  • Michael is currently on tour. Keep an eye at his website or on Last.fm for tour info
  • Michael’s website has been updated and is brand spankin’ new – keep coming back, there’ll be changes

Palms & Runes Tarot & Tea: Michael Penn Collection

Michael Penn Greatest Hits – Palms and Runes, Tarot and Tea

Breaking news

There will be a new collection of Michael Penn music tentatively scheduled for release 3/27/2007 4/17/2007 on Sony/BMG labels. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the CD and will say that it is worth buying these songs again even if you have all of Michael’s work. The reworked tracks are worth the price – and since all of the tracks have been remastered, the old songs sound new and vibrant.

And for the most of you that don’t know who Michael Penn is, this is an excellent chance to find out about one of the best singer songwriters around today.

Here is track listing:

Lucky One (Version One) (Previously Unreleased)
Bunker Hill (New Version) (Previously Unreleased)
Out Of My Hands
Cupid’s Got A Brand New Gun (New Vers.) (Previously Unreleased)
Try (Alt. Vers.) (Previously Unreleased)
No Myth
Barely A Sound (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)
Don’t Let Me Go
All That That Implies
Whole Truth
Brave New World
Me Around (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In) (New Version) (Previously
Macy Day Parade
Bucket Brigade
I Can Tell
Walter Reed
Opening (From The Film, “Melvin Goes To Dinner) (Previously Unreleased)

Anger management

One of those days where I have so much to get off my chest. More bigots on the rampage – of course there’s Ann Coulter, but Mel Gibson gets a mention here today.

Our buddy, Mel Gibson is having a bad week. First off he gets stopped for drunk driving and then he goes on an anti-semeticmelpoo.jpg tirade to the officer forcing ABC to drop support of their support for his Holocaust mini-series. Wait a minute – Mel Gibson? Holocaust mini-series? Isn’t this a bit like having the klan make a movie about slavery in America? It’s pretty impressive that he was able to get someone to give him money for this. Maybe I should write the Ann Coulter biography.

Speaking of Annie poo (my pet name for her). Won’t she just go away? So now she’s accusing Bill Clinton of being gay. Seriously? Come on – proof – any – please. Did he come onto your brother? Maybe to you prior to the sex change? The media needs to stop reporting on this chick as news. Her proof: he’s promiscuous – which means he’s gay. There we have it – promiscuity means your gay which means every man in America apparently is a homesexual. (I guess she’s homophobic.)

I am writing while sitting in front of my air conditioner because it is literally 1 million degrees outside. I think the Bush Administration is looking for proof of global warming in the same place they found the WMD.

While on the subject of my friends at the White House. Every time I read a story about the administration it reminds me that they have not done one thing right since taking office. Every story is essentially about the newest thing they’ve screwed up. While I appreciate the ability to look at every stinking person that voted for him and say “I told you so!” I would appreciate one thing. Just one thing done not just right, but exceedingly well. Tell me when you find that one thing.

On a good note – happy birthday to singer Michael Penn – he turns 48 today.