Top 100 Albums 2000-2009: 71-80

Now we’re deep into it.

71. Fantasies (2009) – Metric
72. Vampire Weekend (2008) – Vampire Weekend
73. The Boy With No Name (2007) – Travis
74. The Ecstatic (2009) – Mos Def
75. Show Your Bones (2006) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
76. Come to Where I’m From (2000) – Joseph Arthur
77. Accelerate (2008) – R.E.M.
78. 19 (2008) – Adele
79. Writer’s Block (2007) – Peter Bjorn and John
80. Learn to Sing Like a Star (2007) – Kristin Hersh

Best-2000-71-80comments: The first two of any 2009 albums appear here. It’s hard to judge whether or not Fantasies or The Estatic have staying power, but I can’t stop playing either and both will be at the top of my year end list. Accelerate was a return to form for R.E.M. And 19 was worthy of Adele’s Grammy

Music of 2009: Metric Fantasies

metric_fantasiesI was late on my Best of 2008, but I’m catching up on my mid-year report. This will be an ongoing feature, so come back – subscribe to my RSS feed – and share your comments.

Maybe my favorite this year – Metric is a Canadian band that is associated with Broken Social Scene, along with artists like Feist and Jason Collett among others.   Sometimes they come off as a more indie sounding Elastica.   Excellent grooves – catchy melodies. Fantasies goes well with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz of for a good party mix.

My Favorite tracks: Help Me I’m Alive, Sick Muse, Satellite Mind, Gold Gun Girls

Metric – Fantasies (iTunes)

Metric- Fantasies (Amazon MP3)

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