Another bad day: 24 puts another season to sleep

I just stayed up to watch the season finale of 24 and to say I was underwhelmed is to understate it. The producers of 24 have done their best to prove that season 5 was their best by following it with two of their worst – just for the sake of comparison. That it took 2 years to come up with this contrived mess is even sadder.

Who ever it was who had the bright idea to bring Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert) back for the season end should be fired – what did she ever bring to the show other than unintended humor and erect nipples? And the hypocrisy of Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) – to put his daughter above the safety of the country when just a few hours earlier he was telling the President to sacrifice her daughter in very much the same situation.

In the end the biggest problem that 24 has is that they continue to tell the same story – can our heros continue to follow their ethics and their oaths under all levels of personal duress. What if Americans are held hostage? What if it’s your daughter? Etc, etc, blah, blah.

Does anyone out there still have faith – or have you given up?

When are your TV shows coming back?

Entertainment Weekly has answered the question on everybody’s mind (ok – it’s on my mind).   Now that the writer’s strike is over, when will my show come back, and how many new episodes can I expect?

Of note (again, to me, maybe not you)

  • 24 – Early ’09 – 22 episodes (just kidding, of course 24)
  • 30 Rock – April 10, 5-6
  • Bones – April 14th, 4+
  • CSI: Miami – March 24, 8
  • Desperate Housewives – Late April, 4-5
  • Heroes – Fall 2008
  • House – TBD, 4-5
  • How I met your mother – March 17, 9
  • Lost – They’ve got 10 episodes done, will take a break in mark and finish up the 16 episode season in 13 episodes
  • The Office – April 10, 5-6

What about Supernatural?   Hoping they don’t cancel it.

Season end: 24

Well thank god 24 ended last night.   This season was the worst fall from grace any show has suffered and last night’s two hour episode was a microcosm of the season.   Plot lines that make no sense or that we simply don’t care about.   Really, do you care that Milo loved Nadia or that Chloe and Morris having devil spawn?

Anyway, I’ve already talked about how bad 24 was this season, and got some grief for it.   Looks like I’m not the only one that thinks this way.   The review from Salon slammed 24 and even the President of Fox Entertainment isn’t happy and promised changes.   I think I’ve been pretty constructive with my criticism and anticipate a return to form next year.   I’m a pretty forgiving and loyal viewer – I still watch ER for crise sake.   All the producers of 24 have to do is to remember these five words”

It’s All About Jack!

To add salt to 24’s wounds, Heroes ended a fantastic season.   A season in which it kicked 24’s ass creatively and in the ratings.   Loved the ending – I’m glad Skylar isn’t dead.   Actually I don’t think anyone died – but we’ll see next year.   I am so glad this television season is almost over.

24 Reasons not to watch 24

Regular readers of this blog know how much I loved the first 5 days (seasons for outsiders), and will understand how painful it is for me to say this, 24 may have jumped the shark this season. This is the most precipitous drop in quality since Coy and Vance Duke.

Anyway, in response to my posting at the beginning of the season extolling the many reasons to watch 24 – here are the 24 reasons not watch this season.

  1. Too many story lines that we care too little about.
  2. Not enough Chloe and Jack.
  3. Too much Milo and Nadia.
  4. It’s impossible to believe that White House staff could have so little respect for the Presidency. How many times can the 25th Amendment be used (twice)? How many assassination attempts must we experience (three)?
  5. Cheap ratings ploys. Bringing back George Itzin and Jean Smart to argue a little and then ride off in an ambulance and handcuffs respectively was cheap. Continue reading

Does terrorist equal Muslim

Seems like every year 24 starts up, every year there is a group that is upset about the identification of Muslims as terrorists.   It is a fine line that the producers of 24, and anyone else who covers this topic, dares to tread.   It is no question that there are Black, Caucasian, and Asian terrorists.   The issue is that in the year 2007 (or 6 years A. 9/11)   terrorism is defined by Al-Qaeda – and Al-Qaeda is an extremist Muslim organization.   Any discussion about terrorism in this age, fiction or non-fiction, is based on the fear and concern that the current situation generates.   Because of this – it’s hard to write a story that deals with terrorism, and not have it include Muslim extremism.   To do so would appear to ignore the reality of the situation.

Five hours into the 6th day of 24, I feel that they do a good job walking the balance.   Not only do they include terrorists in the organization who are not of middle eastern decent, but they have made strides to show Americans complicit with the terrorist acts either overtly or covertly.   But in the end, this will probably not appease the critics.

Al-Qaeda is a Muslim organization, Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization, ergo all Muslims are terrorists?   This is obviously not true – but it is the path that the ignorant often follow.   Most Muslims are not terrorists.   One of the often overlooked things that Bin Laden has done is redefine the way we look at Muslims.   Like it or not, it is he that has had the biggest voice in defining what we think of Muslims, and like it or not, he has a following.   To not understand this view, would be to ignore the current reality.

I can empathize with the way Muslims feel.     I don’t like seeing Blacks portrayed as criminals – but there are Black criminals.   What annoys me most is when the assumption is made that all criminals are black (or even most of them).   To discuss crime in America, you have to discuss race, and Blacks.   To do it fairly you should also cover inequality and racism and the impact that it has.   The issue is similar with terrorism.   To discuss terrorism completely, the Muslim religion has to be mentioned; but to be fair, the root cause of Muslim extremism needs to be covered also.   When we stop doing both, that’s when the critics have a complaint.

President Palmer – you’re no President Palmer

If you haven’t watched the first two nights – then you ought not read this article (of course if you haven’t watched the first two nights, maybe you should back away from the computer and go watch them).

What a fantastic four hours of 24.   I was shocked in season 2 when the bomb went off mid-season, so I definitely didn’t expect that to happen in the fourth hour of the show.   And if you know 24, you know that this isn’t the main story.   The bomb (or five bombs) aren’t the issue – there’s another game afoot.

Couple of thoughts:

  • Curtis – we hardly even knew thee.   All it took is for me to pronounce Curtis’ invincibility for him to bite it.   Not only is he killed, but he’s killed by Jack who is protecting a terrorist – oh the irony.
  • CTU is as stealthy as George Bush at a gay pride parade.   First they inadvertently warn the terrorist that Jack was trailing, giving him time to kill himself.   Then they allow the bomb to be set off by doing the same thing at the warehouse.
  • This President Palmer is making me miss President Logan – not to mention the first President Palmer.   The show is 4 hours old – he’s made a deal with China to get Jack, and then two deals with Fayed, and finally pardoned Al-Assad.
  • Big role by Kal Penn.   I guess they didn’t want to take time from a Harold and Kumar of Van Wilder sequel
  • Yes – Chloe is still bitchtasic


24 Reasons to watch 24

If seasons one through five weren’t enough, I thought I’d come up with 24 more reasons why you should be watching the best show on television starting this Sunday with a two night, four hour premier. So here they are:

  1. Jack Bauer will kick your skinny/fat/scary ass if you don’t
  2. Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart reprise their Emmy nominated roles as President and First Lady Logan. Of course this season Itzin plays the former President which leads me to #3
  3. Six seasons – five Presidents. If only we had this kind of turnover in real life
  4. Bitchtastic and creepy hot Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe
  5. Stuff done blowed up – a lot!
  6. One hour of sex – one hour of 24 – both leave you winded, needing a shower, and wanting more
  7. I don’t care who you are – anyone can die at anytime (except for Jack of course, and…)
  8. Curtis – I’ve been on the Curtis death watch for 2 years now – and he’s almost as kickass as Jack is
  9. No hiatus – an episode every week until the 24th hour
  10. Yes – Jack does save the world every season – and yet it never gets old
  11. The unavoidable appearance of 80’s stars gone missing – from Lou Diamond Phillips to Peter Weller – someone stops by every year. Can we get Molly Ringwald this year?
  12. 24 hours – Jack gets zero bathroom breaks
  13. Don’t like the character? More than likely Jack will take care of them by season end
  14. Any phone Jack is using – a smart phone
  15. 124 hours in and still waiting for a bad hour
  16. Don’t turn your back on the First Lady. She always kicks ass.
  17. An hour of 24 – followed by an hour of Heroes makes for the best night on TV
  18. Kiefer’s sexy bedroom voice
  19. Jack Bauer in Baghdad – cleared up in 24 hours!
  20. Torture – not only legal, but welcome
  21. Even the IT chick kills bad guys
  22. Finally a reason to look forward to Mondays
  23. The shortest theme song on TV is the most effective theme song on TV
  24. If you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons – no worries – every day’s a new day