Steve Jobs

Does a man really die when the world we live in is defined by his work?

The bondi blue iMac, white headphones, that original 5GB iPod, the iPhone.

1234; black turtlenecks and blue jeans; glass stairs and the Apple Store look; put the lowercase “i” in front of any word and an Apple lawyer will be at your door in a flash. A computer without a floppy drive or a CD. Hell, computers without keyboards.

Apple made innovation art under Steve Jobs. He showed us the way, now we can lead, create, innovate on our own. But we should start that tomorrow.

Tonight we mourn.

RIP Steve.

iPhone wedding proposal

I thought I put a lot of time and thought into my wedding proposal – but this guy has me way beat. He created a wedding proposal video in the style of the overplayed iPhonecommercials (not that really annoying “man on the street” versions, the slightly less annoying iPhone and hand commercials).

I’m getting a little choked up.

Ipod neccessities?

I have to thank Sarah for forwarding this one.

I’ll admit that I am the most accessorized iPod owner. From my iPod capable car stereo, to my iPod boombox – but the Ohmibod might take the cake:


I’m not going to comment but to say – it vibrates to the music. The site is something else – full with playlists and testimonials:

The really incredible thing about the OhMiBod is that it totally WORKS. Finally, a socially acceptable way for women to enjoy their bodies and music simultaneously. Looking forward to getting my hands on your next product. Tess M.C. Boston

Just wondering what the next product could be.