Racism: 2006 style

Last night on 60 Minutes there was a story about the Hazleton ordinance banning landlords and employers from dealing with illegal immigrants.   Five years ago Pennsylvania enacted tax breaks to attract new business to the state – it worked, attracting tons of manufacturing jobs to the state.     With these jobs came people to rural areas of Pennsylvania. In 2000 the Hispanic population of Hazleton, PA was 5% – last year it was 30%, so the people of Hazleton through its Mayor decided to rid itself of the Hispanic population (they call them illegal immigrants).

There are tons of good reasons to control the illegal immigration population, from the drain on school resources, to the cost of the uninsured that hospitals have to bear, but it all comes at price.   Listening to the people of this city circle and attack all of the Hispanics that have moved to this city just to work at jobs that a lot of Americans think are beneath us.   Fact is these people have no problem isolating a group based on their race.   They call them “illegals” (sounds nicer than nigger or spic).   They can’t even tell the difference between the legal residents and the illegal residents – and they don’t care.

This is what the immigration debate about: getting a bunch of small-minded people to relive the old days only now its Hispanics and not Blacks.   It’s nothing more than government sponsored racism.

Isn’t it amazing how we Americans haven’t moved forward at all?

Just a thought

But Latinos — immigrants and those born in this country — are driving the population growth. They accounted for almost half the increase last year, more than any other ethnic or racial group. White non-Hispanics, who make up about two-thirds of the population, accounted for less than one-fifth of the increase.

So I read this in a story about the 300 million American being on target to be born this fall and realized that maybe this is why the Republicans and the Senate are so hot and heavy to stem the tide.   If the tide isn’t stemmed, there will come a time when they will not run the country.

I think I’ve been watching too much Oliver Stone.

Writer’s block

It’s been awhile since I’ve written (honestly I wrote a long post about the double standard where women say things that if a man were to say would cause such a stir, but accidentally deleted it – it sucked any way). I honestly can’t think of a thing to write about. 24 is awesome – hoh hum. No good music this year – I think that every year. The Bush Administration got caught in a lie – that’s new.

My good friend Grace and I got into a disagreement this week about the protests in regards to immigration reform. That was two days ago – and honestly old news. What the hell? Ok – I’m switching over to….Salon and the top headline will be my subject – drum roll: god damn – Bush and his web o’ lies.

Here’s my thing – this guy is the Teflon don of Presidents. Clinton had two things – Whitewater an Lewinsky, other than that normal old presidency stuff. Bush would make Nixon blush – every day there’s another lie. Was reading a Newsweek article titled Leaker in Chief about the current scandal and the games that this administration have played with us through the manipulation of the media are mind-numbing. Grrr.

One music thought – I don’t know why the press has been giving the new Morrissey CD Ringleader of the Tormentors such mediocre reviews. I really like it so far – and I wasn’t a fan of Morrissey until the last CD.
Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors

Assholes in charge

Wondering what the Republican Party is – listen to Congressman Tom Tancredo, son of an Italian immigrant, who recently said illegal aliens are “A Scourge That Threatens The Very Future of Our Nation”. Now I have a list of things that threaten the future of our country and illegal aliens didn’t make it. Top it off by the fact that his family just got off the boat here – he’s not only a bigot but a hypocrite.

This country has too many assholes in office – that is what ruins the very future of our country.