Hurricane Katrina: One year later

I have to admit that I have allowed Katrina to slip my mind. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t followed the situation the way I wanted to. I sit here in my suburban malaise thankful for what I have, but not having thought about the people from New Orleans the way I should have.

I’ve forgotten the dead bodies. The bungling of the response. The lies from our elected officials. The apparent disregard for those of us that are Continue reading

Maybe Brownie did do a good job

Everyone should watch the following video and pass it on to their friends.

It’s amazing that the White House tonight has said not to read too much into this video. It seems impossible not to. Michael Brown tells President Bush that this is “the big one”, he’s worried about the Superdome as shelter, and the National Hurricane Center says they’re worried about the levees; but in the days after the devistation was realized, George Bush said otherwise.

Watch the video.

Michael Brown: “hey, maybe it’s OJ’s fault”

So today Michael Brown blamed the governor, mayor, media, Office of Homeland Security, Santa Claus, and a variety of corpses for the failures of the government post Hurricane Katrina. Now yes, he is technically correct that there is blame to go all around, but what kind of leader steps in, says ” I know what I’m doing, and I think I do a pretty darn good job of it” and then proceeds to lay blame at others feet. He’s a Bush style leader – it’s never your fault even in view of overwhelming evidence otherwise. Brown: “My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional,” two days before the storm hit, Brown said. What a fucking cop-out – that’s how you answer interview questions: “My biggest fault is working to hard.”

My friend Grace summed it up: “the enitre band of thugs known as Republicans is the biggest bunch of pussies I have ever seen”

Brownie resigns

Michael Brown resigned today and has gone back to the actual dog and pony show as opposed to the literal one he’s run for the past few years. If I had just waited two seconds to post my previous message. Of course Michael Brown should have been a per hour laborer.

Check CNN.