24 Season 6 Trailer

I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again, all of the other shows are just pretenders – 24 is the best show on TV. Lost is losing steam. Buffy is gone. There hasn’t been a bad year of 24, and if the trailer is any clue then Season 6 will be amazing.

Spoilers alert. If you’re one of those that don’t want to know anything about characters (like Principal Wood becoming President Wood – how cool is that?) then don’t watch.

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24 thoughts

logan.jpgI’ve been meaning to write about 24 since last week. This is a show where you’re looking to be shocked and it amazes me that they’re able to continue surprising us. As recently as January I called President Logan the biggest pussy in Presidential TV history – witness my shock when the big bad is none other than Logan himself. Entertainment Weekly said that Gregory Itzin deserved an Emmy for his portrayal of Logan and this was before we realized he was the bad guy. Of course he’s been quoted as saying he didn’t even know he was the bad guy until 2 episodes prior to the reveal. This has to be the whoa shit moment of the year he and the writers had me totally fooled – I never thought Logan had the cajones to pull all of this off. It’s a master stroke because the fact that Cumming is now dead makes it plausible that the President would even be talking to Christopher Henderson – he has no choice.BTW – while I’m congratulating the writers one thing has me bothered – with all the crap that Jack is carrying around in his purse and a Treo that can bring down terrorist plots (while mine can barely make a phone call) – why didn’t Jack make a copy of that phone call? Don’t tell me he didn’t have time – it was a 30 second conversation. It would only make sense that there would be a copy someplace. Also couldn’t Jack have given a number to the little girl to call instead of just leaving her by herself with her wounded mother? I am so glad that they didn’t show them getting killed.

Anyway – this show gets better year to year – you can’t say that about most shows – but this year they’ve thankfully avoided the side stories that made us groan (President Palmer’s girlfriend, Kim and her battle of wits with the cougar – how she won I’ll never know).

Hmmm – I think I owe you 20 more thoughts but I’m full out.

24 Prediction

There have been rumors that eventually 24 will shift focus at some season to a different set of characters and a different location – somewhere outside of LA. I think last night we may have seen that transition begin. The characters Theo and Collete will be back as major characters at some point – mark my word. With all the deaths of major characters this year – now seems to be the time to make a drastic change. I don’t think we’ll lose Kiefer – I just think the focus will change a bit.

BTW – Curtis Watch extends for another episode. He must be feeling a bit like South Park’s Kenny at this point.

Wear your gas mask to work day

Folks – they’re dropping like flies on 24. So far this season we’ve lost President Palmer and Michelle. In the past two weeks Edgar, Tony, and Lynn. And poor Curtis keeps getting the Final Destination treatment.

Also – hasn’t 24 been eighties-tastic this year? On top of Kiefer we’ve had the mom from Poltergeist (Jobeth Williams), Robocop (Peter Weller), and best of all Soul Man (C. Thomas Howell).

Also you’d think with the stellar security history of CTU that there would be a gas mask on every desk in that place.

All this and Kim is still alive?

Jack Bauer is one bad Mofo


I am going to assume that everyone has seen last night’s episode of 24. If you haven’t you really should be watching it now instead of reading my blog; last night’s episode was another example of why 24 is the best show on television. It is so good that even the commercial breaks are too long to wait for more action – much less the week in between shows.

Some points from last night:

  • Does President Logan realize how close Jack was to killing him? Jack says that Cummings was responsible for President Palmer’s death I’m thinking the two first words out of your mouth shouldn’t be “I know”. If he weren’t the President I’m sure we would have had our second beheading of the series.
  • Has there been a bigger pussy in Presidential TV history than Logan? Speaking of which, I’m guessing he’s not getting any tonight.
  • How bad is Jack? He found those responsible for Palmer’s death in under 6 hours! JFK has been dead for almost 32 years and there are still questions revolving his assassination.
  • Who made a bigger mess of their pants last night? Samwise Gamgee (Lynn) or Walt?
  • What the hell is Audrey’s problem? She apologizes for being distant? Jack’s been at CTU for 30 minutes, been interrogated and attacked. I’m thinking he didn’t have a ton of time to worry about how distant she’s been. And could she pick a better time to call? BTW – the new girlfriend is way hotter and even with annoying son, less annoying than Audrey.

Question for next week: Who was behind the bed? Kim? A cougar? Nina? (I know she’s dead – but don’t put it past the producers to do it and make it plausible). My vote – Agent Charlie Brown (Agent Chase Edmunds from Season 3).

Jack Bauer Facts

Funny site that lists random facts about 24’s Jack Bauer.

Here’s the funniest:

When Jack Bauer requested a cookie in kindergarten, his teacher told him no and laughed. Jack replied by saying, “Look lady, I have crushed three rib cages since recess, rigged the fire alarm to go off right before the spelling test and stolen a total of $7.50 in lunch money. So maybe you should be a little more scared of the situation you’re in and just give me a goddamn cookie.”