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You versus the economy: Banks get the smackdown

The big news coming out of Washington this week has to do with the Obama administration and congress industry putting the smackdown on the credit industry by actually attempting to reign in their predatory lending habits. A friend had the following comment on my Facebook page:

It’s insane that our entire banking industry relies so much on people being in debt.

I love that comment.   Over time our the health of many companies has come at the expense of tax payers.   Consumers are getting squeezed everywhere because corporations need to make more money.

A lot of people will say they don’t use credit cards – instead relying on debit cards.   Others will say that they will pay off their cards monthly.   Not everyone can do this though.   Many people rely on credit cards to make it through a rough stretch, and while it’s not a good idea, if you don’t have a choice, it’s a nice option to have. The problem is that the credit industry holds you hostage by ruining your ability to get more credit say to buy a house or a car, and in some cases can prevent you from getting a job through credit histories.   This is too much power to give over to banks.

What’s worse is that when the law was changed in 1979 banks moved to Delaware and South Dakota who attracted them by getting rid of usury laws. So your vote in your home state can do nothing to regulate these banks.

While the new law is welcome, it’s not enough.   Limiting interest rates on loans is a crucial next step. For some reason congress is loathe to really go after the banks even though they’ve brought the world economy to it’s knees. A lot of these banks are getting bailed out so we need to use the new found leverage we have to make these companies more consumer friendly.

This is change this country need.