Steve Morrison is not a douche

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I’m not a person to admire someone simply because what they do puts them in the public eye. I learned a long time ago that there is a distinct line that separates a celebrity’s public and private persona. You may like their TV show, writing, music, etc – but that doesn’t mean you will like the person. (In light of Michael Jackson’s death – it’s an important distinction to make). But it is nice when you meet a celebrity and you realize that their private face is as cool as their public one.  I am happy to say Steve Morrison, of Preston and Steve fame, is one of those people and as such is not an heir to the Massengale fortune.

A few weeks ago our cat Mulder was in the hospital, and on the day we picked him up we had the pleasure of running into Steve at the Hickory Veterinary Hospital in Plymouth Meeting. I knew I recognized his voice (and shaved head) and only needed the confirmation of hearing his name to say hello. Turns out Steve and his wife rescue cats from their neighborhood and bring them in to make sure they’re spayed, neutered and otherwise taken care of. If possible they attempt to find homes for the cats that can be adopted. For the feral cats, they take care of them too making sure they are fed and healthy and if they can capture them, spayed and neutered.

Either this man has a lot of bad karma to make up for, or he’s not a douche. I vote the latter. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile because it seems that we tend to focus on the negative aspects of a celebrity’s life and never focus on the good some of them do. After Michael Jackson’s death – I felt it was a good time to focus on someone’s more positive attributes.

I personally feel that being a douche is about the worst thing a person can be. Being a douche goes beyond being a bad person; it basically means that your doucheness goes so far as to stink even without talking. Steve Morrison – I give you one of the biggest compliments I can give by saying: “Well done – you are not a douche.”

Keep it up.