So CSI Miami has decided to mimic the other CSIs only without the talent or quality. They were tired of people laughing at them (I thought they were laughing with us). So now CSI Miami might as well be NCIS (that’s not a complement). How have they changed?

  • No more snappy Horatio one liners
  • No more quick removal of the sunglasses
  • No more Alex making mental love to her corpses
  • No more Horatio talking to Eric – because there’s no Eric

They even added more ugly – er – normal looking CSIs. (Of course the guy they replaced Delko with could be a model).

The problem here is that the scripts are still ridiculous and the acting still horrible, but without the pithy humor to distract us from all that. I often said that I liked CSI ┬áMiami because I thought the writers and actors were in on the joke. I mean seriously, Elizabeth Berkley? Mala noche justice? Do you think we can respect you after 8 years of that kind of cheese? As Whitney would say – “Hell to the no”.

CSI Miami – I’ll miss you.