Conshohocken Lends a Hand to Haiti

On Wednesday, January 20, ten Conshohocken restaurants are donating 20% of your bill to the American Red Cross. The restaurants are:

You may think that there is enough money, but there isn’t. Haiti was destroyed, when the thought of that a few weeks ago would seem redundant. They are going to need our money for years to come. If you’re going to eat out, why not make sure some of the money goes to a good cause? See you tomorrow.

Fundraiser for Conshohocken Fire Victims

Guppies is having another fundraiser – this time there’s a little more notice.   All $20 goes to displaced residents.

Drink Beer for the Riverwalk Victims

$20 Open Beer Bar

Saturday September 6th

7-9 PM

2 Maple Street Conshohocken PA

Come on down, all $20 will go directly to the help the Riverwalk Victims.

Should be a blast, with live entertainment

Thanks a lot and look forward to seeing you at Guppy’s

Conshohocken Burning

Yesterday there was a huge fire that displaced many people, destroyed personal belongings, and killed many pets. The fire at the Riverwalk at Millenium destroyed 375 apartments in 3 buildings, 400 displaced renters, and another 3 damaged buildings.   The Riverwalk has been a part of a renaissance here in Conshohocken.   The new restaurants, a diversifying of the people that live here, and a huge improvement to the reputation of this former blue collar town, this borough looked forward to what this development would bring to the area.

I rushed home when I heard embers were found up to 12 blocks away, and we live only 2 blocks as the crow (or ember) flies.   Our house and cats were a little smoky, but fine.

These luxury apartment allowed pets, so of course there were a lot of pets there.   It was 4:30 when the fire broke out, so not many people were home.

Eight alarms and almost 6 hours later before being declared under control.   Firemen were at the site well into today dousing hotspots, while construction equipment began the job of tearing down the remains of what was left.   People who lost everything cried, asked questions, and try to rebuild.   I can not even begin to imagine.

Currently it appears that the Red Cross has things under control, but with people needing so much help, financial donations are needed.   Please visit the Red Cross Pennsylvania site and make a donation.

Help Team Pittsburgh Fight Breast Cancer

A good friend of mine is putting his body where his mouth is. A lot of people will talk about supporting a charity, but far fewer will risk life and limb to support that charity. Todd Lepely and three others are climbing Cotopaxi in Ecuador, January 3-12, 2008 (the other member of their team will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,Tanzani June 15-29).   At 19,347 feet, Cotopaxi is one of the tallest active volcanoes in the world.

I ask you to donate to support Todd and his team as they raise funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.   They’re a little more than halfway to their goal of $50,000.

Click Here to Donate

Click Here for more information about Team Pittsburgh

I’ll keep you posted about their progress as I hear anything.

Join me in combating Malaria

I recently read a Time magazine article that moved me to try and do something about malaria in Africa. Malaria kills 2 million children a year in Africa. As a matter of fact, since you’ve begun reading this post, 1 child has died of malaria in Africa. The thing is that there are a number of inexpensive, preventative solutions to the dying. One of these solutions are bed nets treated with insecticides that protect children while they sleep. Problem is that these nets cost $10 per net. I know $10 doesn’t seem like a lot more than the average family in Africa can afford. The problem is so bad that families decide to have more children because they are not sure how many will survive. It’s an existence that we can hardly fathom.

The cost for a comprehensive net program in Africa is about $3 billion. According Time this is about 12.5% of the $24 billion that Wall Street handed out in bonuses last year. To put it in terms you and I can understand – all it would take is $3 per person in the high-income world per year – or one cup of coffee at Starbucks.

So how can we help? I’ve started a team at the Nothing But Nets Campaign. I’m asking you to do one of two things:

  1. Donate money by sponsoring the team Blogging to Save Lives. $10 per month will protect 12 families – not that much to ask.
  2. Join the team and and make the plea to your friends through email, your blog, etc.

I’m asking all of my readers that have blogs to join the team.   It’s a simple way to have a huge impact.
Please join me in saving lives.


Walking to cure diabetes

No donation love from the internet? Only 4 more days to help us reach our goal. Thanks.
On October 29, Kristen and I will be taking part in Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund’s Walk to Cure Diabetes, along with one-half million other walkers across the country, as we try to help JDRF reach their goal of raising $90 million.

Any donation you can make is appreciated. And if you want to join us, you’re more than welcome.

Thanks for your support.

Click the banner to donate.