Ultra-high doses of “Breaking Bad”

When Breaking Bad debuted 3 years ago, I heard and ignored all of the accolades and all the recommendations from friends. Recently though, we decided to go through an intense round of Breaking Bad to catch up. Two seasons in about a month.


I’ve done this before with other series, but Breaking Bad is as intense a show as I’ve ever seen, so watching this many episodes in such a short period of time is mentally exhausting. At the beginning of season 1 and into season 2, Breaking Bad seemed to be a weekly expose on how to suck at being a drug dealer. As season 2 has progressed, it’s become much more character driven and dealt with some weighty themes. Walt’s sinister side. Jesse’s vulnerability. Cause and effect. The thin line between good and bad.

Some of these episodes require a break after watching, but we’ll power through so that we’re all caught up in time for season 4 to begin on July 17, 2011.

I may need a Valium by then.