The Presidential candidate and her boobs

hottieclinton.JPGbrettmorganna.jpgStories like this are awesome…or something.   Upper Deck decided to release a set of baseball cards modeled after the current presidential candidates.   Each candidate was aligned with an actual baseball moment (e.g. Mitt Romney as Carlton Fisk trying to wave a home run fair in the 1975 World Series).   Problem is there are no women players to model Hillary after.   So the Mensa candidates at Upper Deck decided to model her off of Morganna the kissing bandit.   (Morganna was an exotic dancer   known for running on the field at baseball games and planting a kiss and her I cup boobs on an unsuspecting ball player).

A woman can be the smartest woman on the planet and still it gets brought back to tits and ass.

Anyway, production of the card wasn’t stopped in time to stop a few from getting out.   If you find one, lucky you – they’re a huge collectors item going for almost $4,000 on eBay.

The Mitchell Report

As you may have heard, the Mitchell report was released today and it’s a mixed bag.   The list of names is based on talking to a couple of people.   There was no cooperation by 99% of baseball players, so what we have is an incomplete list, based on hearsay, with no positive tests.   I feel as if the commotion is a lot of hullabaloo   over nothing   new.   The players listed aren’t new for the most part; the recommendations were all recommendations that we’ve seen before.   It’s also interesting the names that weren’t included; no Sammy Sosa or Mark McGwire.

steroidsOne thing I do wonder is whether or not people will indite Roger Clemens the way Barry Bonds has been.   It’s always been unfair that Bonds has been the poster child, but it probably will be unfair if Clemens is attacked in the same way.   I think the only thing that would have been fair is if Selig had labeled the entire past 25 years an embarrassment that was allowed by everyone involved in the sport, and short of punishing everyone, you have to punish no one.   Mitchell as much said the same by asking that the commissioner not punish anyone.

The bottom line is that regardless of this report and the few names listed, the problem was widespread in baseball.   To believe otherwise is naive.   Baseball has done a disservice to the sport and to the fans.   The benefits of this era were reaped by baseball.   After the 1994 strike, people turned away from baseball – Sosa and McGwire brought them back.   Today baseball is as popular as it’s ever been today.   Officials turned a blind eye and pocketed the dollars.

Baseball should just turn the corner and make sure nothing like this every happens again.

Time runs out for Barry B*nds

I think that baseball in general deserves an asterisk.

After 4 years, plenty of speculation, and the realization by everyone that performance enhancing sports are prevalent in all sports, the poster boy for all that is wrong in baseball was indicted by a federal grand jury.   While he hasn’t been found guilty, it sure doesn’t look good.   Somehow the government has found enough evidence to take this trial.   I think it’s good that this has gotten to this point.

That said, I don’t think it’s fair that he’s the only one being indicted.   Baseball has benefited because of steroids; attendance went up, they’re making more money than ever – it’s been a great time to own a baseball team.   Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa have had their whispers, but Sammy is back, and while there is disappointment with McGwire, there is none of the venom that Bonds has experienced.   A lot of people, me included, think race is involved in the public reaction to Barry Bonds – it seems as if when black athletes go wrong, the public seems to go wild demanding not just justice, but vengeance.   I hate to bring race into it because I don’t believe it has anything to do with whether or not he did wrong.   He deserves to be punished if he lied, and I think he did.   I also think that unfortunately, the high profile offenders are all black: Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, Tank Jones, etc.   And of course most of the media, the management, and fans are white.   It shouldn’t matter, but it’s there and won’t go away.

There’s talk of striking his records – will they strike Giambi’s?   I think over the past 25 years there has been rampant cheating in baseball and everyone in the game turned a blind eye; to say otherwise is disingenuous.   To single out one or two players out is simply not right.   I think every record that took place from 1995 through 2003 should be marked as occurring in the “steroid era” and for Major League Baseball to take some responsibility for the mess that occurred.   They were in charge and I don’t believe they couldn’t have done anything.

Of course there’s the fact that Bonds is an asshole to the media and the publics view of him is based on what we read in the papers on see in the news.   Ask yourself why do people hate him so much?   What basis do we have for this hatred?   Do you know him personally?   The public feelings about Bonds is directly related to how he is portrayed in the press.   With so many rumors, how could you not hate him?

Baseball has wanted closure on this embarrassment, and it looks like they’ll get it. Bonds will never play again and he’ll won’t get into the Hall of Fame, and I think those things are somewhat deserved.   But the fact is baseball was rotten to the core, but as of today the mantra will be: it was all Barry’s fault.

Going postal: Baseball style

Judging by the deafening silence any of my sports related posts get, I’m going to assume that most of my readers don’t watch SportsCenter (although the following is getting play beyond the normal sports channels). Anyway, if you haven’t seen – trust me it’s worth the watch.

The argument is long been part of the game, but this takes the cake. If you’re Atlanta management, don’t you ask for a drug test? BTW – the manager has been suspended by the Braves for 3 games.