Top Albums of Decade (2000-2009): 1-10

The top albums of the decade. This is opinion and for some reason 2005 was my favorite year of the decade in music. It shows in this list. I could listen to these albums, and only these albums, from now to the end of time and continue to find something wonderful and new in each one. The funny thing is that 3 of these albums had trouble getting released and another one skipped labels all together and decided to release it on the internet.


wilco-yankeehotelfoxtrotYankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002) – Wilco

The story of this album is amazing. That it had to be leaked to the internet because the label didn’t hear a single is amazing. Simply a gorgeous album – one of my all-time favorites, and this says a lot: one of Wilco’s best.

My Favorites: Jesus Etc., Kamera, I’m the Man Who Loves You


elliott_smith_figure_8Figure 8 (2000) – Elliott Smith

At the time this album came out many of Smith’s fans thought this album was over produced. Compared to Smith’s previous albums, it was. This is also one of Smith’s best. Unfortunately it was his last before his death.

My Favorites: Son of Sam, Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud, Can’t Make a Sound


aimee-mann-bachno2Bachelor No. 2 (2000) – Aimee Mann – Another album that waited on someone’s desk because they didn’t hear a single. Fucking record execs are morons.

My Favorites: Red Vines, Deathly, Calling it Quits


fiona-apple-extraordinary-machineExtraordinary Machine (2005) – Fiona Apple

Whoa, yet another album where the execs didn’t hear a single. Jon Brion stirred Apple out of a funk and produced album and then the execs “didn’t hear a single”. A joy to listen to. Brilliantly unique.

My Favorites: Extraordinary Machine, Used to Love Him (Tymps)


radiohead-in-rainbowsIn Rainbows (2007) – Radiohead

Radiohead set the world on its head by releasing this over the internet, for free. It is their best album since OK Computer. It brings together elements of their best work of the past two decades.

My Favorites: 15 Steps, Bodysnatchers, Reckoner


pjharvey-stories_from_the_cityStories from the City – Stories from the Sea (2000) – PJ Harvey

I missed this album when it was released and now I get to rectify that mistake.

My Favorites: W***es Hustle and the Hustlers W***e, The Mess We’re In


green-day-american_idiotAmerican Idiot (2004) – Green Day

I never took this band seriously until this album. Full of angst and serious while maintaining their distinct sound. Took me months to realize how great this was.

My Favorites: Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends


kathleen-edwards-back-to-meBack to Me (2005) – Kathleen Edward

Three brilliant albums – I had a hard time figuring out which was the best, but after listening a few times, this is the most complete – and has the big songs. She will go down as one of the best. She keeps knocking them out of the park.

My Favorites: In State, Copied Keys, Back to Me


elbow-leaders-free-worldLeaders of the Free World (2005) – Elbow

I don’t get why people don’t know this band. They are THE brit pop band around today (outside of Radiohead that is). Start listening to this band.

My favorites: Station Approach, Forget Myself


andrew_bird-armchair-apocryphaAndrew Bird (2007) –  Armchair Apocrypha

This album is truly amazing. The more I listened, the better it got.

My Favorites: Fiery Crash, Darkmatter

That’s it. Thanks for indulging me. I finished in just enough time to start working on my best of 2009 list. Share your favorites and comments in the comment section.

The running list can be found here:  Top 100 Albums: 2000-2009.

Top 100 Albums 2000-2009: 81-90

More naught goodness.

81. One Beat (2002) –  Sleater-Kinney
82. All This Time (2006) –  Heartless Bastards
83. Welcome Interstate Managers (2003) –  Fountains of Wayne
84. The Crane Wife (2007) – The Decemberists
85. Turn On the Bright Lights (2002) –  Interpol
86. Lost in Space (2002) –  Aimee Mann
87. Five Star Motel (2002) –  Andy Stochansky
88. The Alternative to Love (2005) –  Brendan Benson
89.Meaningless (2000) –    Jon Brion
90. Beautiful Creature (2000) –  Juliana Hatfield

comments: Everything Sleater-Kinney releases is worth owning – I hope they come back. Fountains of Wayne, Aimee Mann, Brendan Benson, and Jon Brion make this the power-pop 10. Juliana Hatfield’s Beautiful Creature is an album that I forgot about but in putting this list together, I went back and realized that she came of age with this album.

Juliette Lewis can’t lose – Daytrotter sessions

If you’re a indie or alternative music fan, and aren’t acquainted with Daytrotter, you need to acquaint yourself. Daytrotter is an indie music site like no other. They convince many up and coming and emerging artists to stop by their studios to do sessions with them.  They record these sessions and then offer them on their website for free. Their charge is to feature one new band a day, everyday, and to present 28 Daytrotter Session songs a week.  The list of artists is impressive: Aimee Mann, Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear, Spoon, Bon Iver, Juliette Lewis (more on her later) and the list goes on.

Recently Daytrotter posted a session with Juliette Lewis – yeah, that Juliette Lewis. I’m not used to actors actually being any good at music. Usually the best you can hope for is that thejuliette-lewis-daytrottery not embarrass themselves. Zoey Deschanel should have changed my mind about that, but it really hasn’t. Anyway, Lewis’ Daytrotter session is actually one of my favorites. It’s loose, spirited, and fun. Reminds me of Maria McKee in spots – that jangly, southern rock thing that started with Janis Joplin. I know I’m throwing out some big names there, but over the course of 4 songs – it’s easy to keep up appearances.

Plus it’s free but for the cost of your time to download and listen.

Juliette Lewis – Daytrotter Session

Aimee Mann – Daytrotter Session

Spoon – Daytrotter Session

Death Cab for Cutie – Daytrotter Session

Aimee Mann goes one on one with a moron

Came across an Aimee Mann interview on the San Francisco Chronicle website. The interviewer, Aidin Vaziri comes off sounding like the biggest ass-clown ever. It’s obvious he was trying to be cool or had already figured out what he wanted Aimee to say. Either way it’s a good example of how not to conduct an interview.

It starts off with a bang with:

This is probably the most depressing Christmas album ever.

Is that even a question? So it goes back and forth and then there’s this gem:

Why do you hate the holidays so much?

I have to figure Aimee realizes at this point this isn’t going to get any better so she shouldn’t be surprised when the following question is posed:

Your version of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” sounds like a threat.

Aimee’s retort:

I think that says more about the listener than the performer. It’s almost one of those ’50s Hawaiian Don Ho things. It’s meant to be sweet and nostalgic.

And so it goes on. The more I read it, the more it seems as if he’s trying to be funny, but he comes off as being offended by her work. Sarcasm is tough in writing.