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Tracking Your Runs: Runkeeper vs. iMapMyRun

Posted by: Spencer // May 13 2010

Ever since I got on a weight loss kick, I’ve been getting out to walk and ride my bike for exercise. Being a techo geek, I’ve been using my iPhone and one of two apps to track my distances, routes, and times. Keeping track of your exercises is a great way to measure your progress. Since the iPhone has an active Internet connection and GPS along with a built-in iPod, this makes it a perfect workout partner. So which app did I like? Here are a few of my thoughts.

First off, here are a few standard features that each apps share:

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Philly taking the place of Manhattan for The Dark Fields

The Dark Fields starring Bradley Cooper, Robert Dinero, & Elizabeth
Banks is filming across the street from my office. Philly is taking
the place of Manhattan. Funny to see all the NYC cabs, police cars,
and street signs (apparently 21st & Market is a dead ringer for 7th
ave & 54th st)

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Top 100 Albums 2000-2009: 81-90

More naught goodness.

81. One Beat (2002) –  Sleater-Kinney
82. All This Time (2006) –  Heartless Bastards
83. Welcome Interstate Managers (2003) –  Fountains of Wayne
84. The Crane Wife (2007) – The Decemberists
85. Turn On the Bright Lights (2002) –  Interpol
86. Lost in Space (2002) –  Aimee Mann
87. Five Star Motel (2002) –  Andy Stochansky
88. The Alternative to Love (2005) –  Brendan Benson
89.Meaningless (2000) –    Jon Brion
90. Beautiful Creature (2000) –  Juliana Hatfield

comments: Everything Sleater-Kinney releases is worth owning – I hope they come back. Fountains of Wayne, Aimee Mann, Brendan Benson, and Jon Brion make this the power-pop 10. Juliana Hatfield’s Beautiful Creature is an album that I forgot about but in putting this list together, I went back and realized that she came of age with this album.