Zoning Hearing on Proposed Bank in Conshohocken

A few days ago I wrote about a historic building here in Conshohocken that a developer wants to tear down to make way for a bank. To follow-up there will be a zoning board hearing in a couple of weeks regarding the building at 528 Fayette St. The following is from Councilman Jason Salus’ website:

The Conshohocken Zoning Hearing Board will consider the applicant’s zoning requests at their meeting on Monday, February 15 at 7:00 PM at Conshohocken Borough Hall (720 Fayette Street).  This is a continuation of a prior hearing and the record for the hearing is closed.  The Chair of the Zoning Board will have the discretion to take public comment.  I encourage all interested residents to attend.

I encourage you to attend and to forward this post to any Conshohocken resident or business owner.

Wall Street vs. Main (Fayette) Street in Conshohocken

It seems the past few years that we’ve been assault by banks. If it’s not credit cards or crazy mortgage lending. Now it seems that Continental Bank wants to tear down a beautiful building in the center of Conshohocken to build a bank. Within this small borough we have six banks (including a credit union). Do we really need another one?

I will be writing more about this as I find out more, but Conshohocken residents can not let this happen.

Read more about this on More Than The Curve.com

Conshohocken Lends a Hand to Haiti

On Wednesday, January 20, ten Conshohocken restaurants are donating 20% of your bill to the American Red Cross. The restaurants are:

You may think that there is enough money, but there isn’t. Haiti was destroyed, when the thought of that a few weeks ago would seem redundant. They are going to need our money for years to come. If you’re going to eat out, why not make sure some of the money goes to a good cause? See you tomorrow.

The Philadelphia Examiner now featuring me

I’ve been attempting to re-envision  myself as a writer. Part of that re-envisioning or reinvention is my current position, writing for the Philadelphia Examiner. The Examiner is a part of the very popular San Francisco Examiner website. They’ve expanded to include many local metros across the country. For the Examiner I will be covering the Conshohocken community.

It’s funny that I have to re-envision myself as a writer; yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my WordPress site, and it’s been over 4 years total writing this blog. That’s approaching almost 800 posts in that time frame. I might actually be a writer, an unpaid writer, but a writer none the less.

So for all my Conshy friends, family, and peers – please add this page to your daily reads. Also, if you have article ideas for me, let me know.

Spencer’s Conshohocken Community Examiner Page

Save the Conshohocken Fireworks

Every year since I moved into this house, I’ve had a little get together on our deck to celebrate Independence Day. Drinks, food, and then walk over to the fireworks on the west side of town. Yes the fireworks are on the 3rd – don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because it’s cheaper, maybe so as not to compete with Philly’s display, regardless they are on the 3rd, and this year they may not happen at all.

In these trying economic times…

Conshohocken can’t afford fireworks this year. There is a fundraising effort underway to bring the fireworks back. If you’ve been past my house before for the party, consider donating a couple of dollars to the effort. This weekend there will be a Pig Roast Fundraiser to save the Conshohocken fireworks.

When: Sunday, May 3, 2009 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Where: Conshohocken Bocce Club, 339 West 3rd Avenue, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Donation: $20 at the door
Free Food: Pig Roast, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Etc………..
Free Drink: Beer and Soda
Contact: Liam McGuigan, cell (215) 518-6358, liam@coventrycg.com

Tax day eve – Thanks to Conshohocken for making things difficult

Yes I procrastinated.

First few months of this year, I was busy and on the road and honestly just avoided it. We always get a refund, so no big deal…until this year. This year we owe and owe big. And of course the timing couldn’t be better with me without a job.


Anyway one thing that’s always annoyed me about taxes is that we have local authorities taxing us too. I don’t mind paying them a tax, as a matter of fact, I feel it’s our patriotic duty to pay taxes.   But honestly it’s amateur hour sometimes when you get small towns taxing you. In Conshohocken you have to pay taxes to two authorities – Berkheimer and Keystone, half a percent to each. As to why we can’t pay a full percent to one authority, I don’t know (I will ask though). Because of this, I have to fill out two tax forms for a borough of around 8,000 people – that’s one more tax form than I have to fill out for the federal government. I guess this is better than two years ago – Conshohocken decided to switch to the two tax authority system mid-year. This meant for half the year we had to pay one tax authority a full percent and the other half of the year we split that percent between two authorities; this led to some creative math.   Honestly with all the websites that are out there to do your federal taxes, it’s more straightforward to complete than the local taxes.

Thank goodness it’s over save for paying and a few signatures.