Where in the world is Joaquin Phoenix?

I was traveling this past week for work, so I missed the Joaquin Phoenix interview on Letterman last Wednesday. I have seen some of Letterman’s weirdest moments – Farrah Fawcett and Crispin Glover come immediately to mind. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovejich’s recent turn on Letterman’s couch as well as McCain’s aim at redemption were instant classics. Phoenix added a new one to the list.

I really can’t tell if this is a character, of if Phoenix has gone off the rail. Considering that Casey Afleck is filming the whole thing, I’m hoping this is a Borat type event.

What do you guys think?

Where is my Spenser for Hire on DVD?

Saturday nights from 1985 through 1988. Since I didn’t have a great social life, I got to watch most of these live. Spenser for Hire, based on the books by Robert B. Parker, would become one of my all time favorite shows. Along with Magnum P.I. and The Equalizer, it was a show that attempted to bring more to the private investigator genre than just guns, girls, and blood. Spenser was intelligent (he would tell people his name was spelled with an “S” like the poet); he more than cooked for his  psychiatrist girlfriend, he was a gourmet; and he was sympathetic to and helped those in need; and he carried a gun and could take care of himself. It’s every boy’s fantasy to be just like him. He had beautiful smart woman, could take on anyone – and wasn’t afraid to do so, and was  independent  in all ways.

Robert Urich was Spenser – he said before his untimely death that it was his favorite role. I read all of the books that order online and in which it was written about the benefits of generic cialis, and as I read them, it was as if the role was written for him. When the show was cancelled (in part due to the high cost of filming on scene in Boston – part of the show’s character), he went on a tour to try and revive it. There were 3 post cancellation movies that were good, but by then, it was gone.

Then there was Hawk, played with a fevered heat by Avery Brooks – he wasn’t a bad guy, but he certainly wasn’t good. To this day I want a six series BMW like Hawk drove and to look as good in sunglasses and a shaved head. And even though he was a thug, he was a smart guy and was principled.

What Parker did was take the stereotype, and turn it on it’s head. The P.I. that quoted poetry, kicked ass, solved the mystery, and made it home in time to cook dinner for his girl. If only I could literally kick ass.

I’m not sure if the show would hold up to watching it some 20 years later. Some shows are better left to the memory (as I found out with Magnum).

I’ll have to let you know – I can’t own the DVDs, but AOL Video does have Spenser for Hire on demand. Let’s hope I don’t ruin the memory.

Top Gear – The car show everyone will like

Kristen came across my new favorite show – BBC America’s Top Gear. It’s the car show for everyone. It’s hilarious, tests all the coolest cars, and has really well thought out challenges. Challenges like buying three beater cars and running them across two countries in Africa. They bring stars such as Simon Crowell and James Blunt on the show to race a “reasonably priced automobile” in time trials. It’s hard to describe it and do it justice, and I think watching a clip wouldn’t give the full experience. Really well done and really fun to watch.

It’s on BBC America, and this Sunday they’re having a marathon. Give it a shot.

American Idol – the popularity contest

God I can’t wait for real TV to come back.   Last night Kristy Lee Cook – the worst singer known to mankind (who is lucky enough to be blonde and cute), was passed on again in favor of letting more talented people go.   She’s like the star football player in high school who never learned to read.   Chikeze didn’t do himself any favors with a bland retelling of the classic Luther Vandross song “If Only for One Night”; but honestly I write about all this because I think I must be a masochist – I know I’m going to hate American Idol – but I’m watching it anyway.   Eeek – someone save me.

Let me say that Cook’s singing Lee Greenwood’s crappiness “God Bless the USA” (you know the song: I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free) was sheer brilliant manipulation.   OK – I know this “song” is supposed to be patriotic – but it may be the worst “song” ever written.   Can’t we get someone who knows how to write a song, to write a patriotic song?   Cloying and amateurish, there’s only one reason to choose that song: it would be unpatriotic not to vote for her.   What’s she going to sing next week – the national anthem?


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