Radio doesn’t have to suck

There was a time when radio didn’t suck. Sure there was payola, but generally the music won out. Those times seem long ago.

Last week I was listening to my friend Joey do is first show on Y-Rock on XPN and it made me miss the good old days of music first radio. He deftly mixed new and old – Arcade Fire with Fugazi; Mumford & Sons with Sleater Kinney. I’m not sure why so many stations seem to think that you can play new or old – but the two should never mix. And when they do play old – it’s the single and not the deep track.

Joey’s show is on Mondays from 3 to 6 PM and you can listen to it on the WXPN website, in iTunes radio, or download the WXPN app in the iPhone app store.

You can also send Joey requests on AOL IM at yrockonxpn.

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New Michael Penn Video: Count of Pennsylvania

Two years ago, we were all riding a wave a hope for the future. Michael Penn wrote a songlet (his words) for my blog series about the Presidential election that was perfect for the feelings of the day.

Today that wave has receded, and in its wake it has left anger, hate, and apathy – so Michael has updated the song to reflect this day.

What will Count of Pennsylvania 2012 sound like?

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Top 10 Cars of Television and Movies

With the A-Team coming out this week and the news that James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin is going to auction, I thought putting together a list of my favorite movie or TV cars.

Here’s my list:

  1. Speed Racer – The Mach 5
  2. James Bond – Aston Martin
  3. Knight Rider – Kitt – Trans Am
  4. Dukes of Hazzard – The General Lee*
  5. The A-Team van
  6. Bullit – The Mustang
  7. Smokey and the Bandit – Trans Am
  8. Batman – The Batmobile
  9. Scooby Doo – The Mystery Machine
  10. Spenser for Hire – Hawk’s Six series BMW

What are your suggestions? I struggled after 8.

*A co-worker questioned the General Lee because of the confederate flag on the front. I guess I never viewed this as a problem at the time. Of course I was 11 years old and the controversy of the flag didn’t hit me. So I think I have to adjust my list – not remove the General Lee, but it shouldn’t be #1 on the list.

Lost Across the Sea Recap – An episode that challenges the faithful and the patient

After all these years of Lost, I’m annoyed at my fellow fans. Obviously last night’s episode Across the Sea was important to the overall story and covered facts that needed to be told. As such it was an transitional episode – an episode that sets up the next few episodes.

I think after all this time the producers of Lost deserve our loyalty, our faith. I’m reserving judgement until the story is told and not until then.

As for the episode. It is very apparent to me that Locke and Jack are Jacob and his brother. The scene where MIB tells Jacob that he has found a way off he island and Jacob responds that he doesn’t want to leave the island – that the island was his home – that’s a scene that Jack and Locke did earlier in the series. Man of Faith, Man of Science.

Also, I found it interesting that the two brothers were conceived off the island and born there. The protector can’t be conceived on the island – this is the reason for the fertility experiments (led by Ben who is aligned with Jacob) and ultimately why Jacob goes to find his replacement off the island.

Also – did you notice that CJ (Alison Janey) was killed by MIB without her saying a word?

One thing I didn’t like was the end, after the death of CJ and MIB, when Jacob arranges them in the cave, where the directors showed Jack and Kate finding their bodies years later. Lost is generally good at not making such overt hints – they reward their most attentive, faithful watchers and give them much more credit than this. That was the sort of thing that we would have figured out, but obviously it was so important we couldn’t be trusted not to catch it.

What were your thoughts?

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Conan O’Brien: The Tonight Show at 12:05 isn’t the Tonight Show

Following up on my post earlier this week – Conan O’Brien tells NBC to suck it. Now I will admit to loving drama, hating NBC (they cancelled Life!), and never liking Jay Leno; so I love this. NBC is getting exactly what they deserve. You might be seeing the move that turns NBC into a cable network. Conan goes to Fox at 11 PM, cleans Leno’s clock, so now both primetime and late night are a shambles at NBC.

It’s what TV has become , that they couldn’t give Leno or O’Brien time for his show to build – the way Late Night with Conan O’Brien did. If you look at the shows that wouldn’t exist if they  couldn’t wait – Seinfeld, The Office, 30 Rock, X-Files, etc. Not every show is Lost or ER – a smash hit out the gate. And for every Lost we have 3 Heroes – a show that looks good early, but can’t keep it up.

Here’s O’Brien’s statement: Continue reading

Top 10 List of Late Night Talk Show Hosts Better than Leno

It’s been 4 short months since Jay Leno single handedly ruined NBC television. So now he goes and ruins late night once again. The fact that Leno won the battle against Letterman had nothing to do with quality, it was luck and following Johnny Carson. To prove my point, here’s a top 10 list of late night talk show hosts better than Jay Leno.

  1. Jon Stewart
  2. David Letterman
  3. Conan O’Brien
  4. Craig Ferguson
  5. Stephen Colbert
  6. Wanda Sykes
  7. Jimmy Fallon
  8. Jimmy Kimmel
  9. Carson Daly
  10. Mike “The Situation” (from the Jersey Shore)

OK – maybe it’s a stretch on those last two, but honestly I enjoy Jersey Shore more than Leno.

I’d like to give Conan O’Brien a little advice – don’t take the 12:05 spot. Settle with them, take the money, and run to Fox. There you can bring back your old show, and clean his clock.


So CSI Miami has decided to mimic the other CSIs only without the talent or quality. They were tired of people laughing at them (I thought they were laughing with us). So now CSI Miami might as well be NCIS (that’s not a complement). How have they changed?

  • No more snappy Horatio one liners
  • No more quick removal of the sunglasses
  • No more Alex making mental love to her corpses
  • No more Horatio talking to Eric – because there’s no Eric

They even added more ugly – er – normal looking CSIs. (Of course the guy they replaced Delko with could be a model).

The problem here is that the scripts are still ridiculous and the acting still horrible, but without the pithy humor to distract us from all that. I often said that I liked CSI  Miami because I thought the writers and actors were in on the joke. I mean seriously, Elizabeth Berkley? Mala noche justice? Do you think we can respect you after 8 years of that kind of cheese? As Whitney would say – “Hell to the no”.

CSI Miami – I’ll miss you.