Foo Fighter Fridays: Big Me

One of my favorite touring acts, the Foo Fighters are touring this fall. For all of my reader,  I’ve decided to post my favorite Foo songs eachFriday until they hit Philly on Thursday, November 10th (why not Foo Fighter Thursday – it doesn’t sound as good and I just remembered today.)

This week I start with Big Me: this is the first Foo Fighters’ video to show off the humor that they’ve become famous for.  Not the first single from that album, but probably the most well known.

Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun

I always find it amusing that I gravitated to Throwing Muses in the early 90’s and never listened to the Pixies for another 10 years after discovering the Muses. Throwing Muses University (Amazon MP3) was a high point in the early 90’s indie-rock thing that was happening.

Here’s Throwing Muses most known song “Bright Yellow Gun”. (I cringe about the “Bright Yellow Gun” t-shirt I often wore to work). Kristin Hersh is doing her snake charmer dance proud here.

Throwing Muses is touring again and will be at The World Cafe Live Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

Split Enz “I Got You”

Great song – I wish I was listening to this type of music, when it came out.   I had a few bands that fit this genre that I listened to in the early eightie – like Tears for Fears, but I feel I missed the boat on a bunch of bands like Split Enz (especially considering how much of a Neil Finn/Crowded House fan I am).