Trailer park Tuesday: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

No further evidence on what the writer’s strike has wrought than the fact that Dan Cortez has a job on network TV. The next time the writer’s are thinking of striking, someone should remind them of that.

As for you – you should go to the theater rent a DVD. I should take my own advice. Anyway, the Raider’s of the Lost Ark movies were a highlight of my childhood. I saw the first one 3 or 4 times over the course one summer. That was back when a movie was in the theaters for longer than week or two. So here’s the trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. The idea of Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones in his sixties is funny, but the trailer is amusing.

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Still a little sick: my Cloverfield review

cloverfield_poster.jpgLast night we went to the movies for the first time since the summer.   What finally got us out?   J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield on it’s first night.   No better way to get ready for the Lost premier in two weeks than a new Abrams’ movie.

First off be warned – I don’t generally get motion sickness, but by the end I was wishing the vending machine had Dramamine.   The whole thing is shown through the eyes of Hud as he “documents” the night through a video camera.   Not one of its 84 minutes is shown differently.   10 minutes in I’m wondering if I can make it.   Sitting in the 5th row doesn’t make it better.   So is it worth it?


The movie has a realistic creepiness to it.   Yes it’s a monster movie – and the monster is a badass that makes Godzilla look like a pussy.   But if you take the monster and replace it with an occupying force for instance, you’d still get that same kind of dread.   For the characters, and you through their eyes, it’s all about what you can’t see, getting to safety, and saving your friends and family.   It often feels like you’re watching the immediate aftermath of 9/11.   The monster is an added, scary, twist.   I’ll also give director Matt Reeves, writer Drew Goddard, and Abrams points for doing something a bit original.   In this day and age of regurgitating any two-bit, book, TV show, or movie, it’s nice to see something entirely original.

There have been a few complaints – the lack of named actors make it hard to keep track – B.S. The lack of main actors mean you have no idea who’s going to kick the bucket just based on their paycheck.   There have also been a few complaints about the destruction of New York City being a bit insensitive.   If seeing NYC bombed will traumatize you, don’t see this movie, otherwise, time moves on, and none of what’s done in this movie is gratuitous.

It’s a short movie, which makes sense since the extended battery on my camcorder only records for 90 minutes, but afterwards, you will feel spent, you will talk about it, and you’ll be regretting not listening to me about the Dramamine.

The Swimmer (1968) – Theatrical Trailer

It’s been an insanely busy week, so thanks to my good friend Jenn, here’s a cheap post. We had dinner with Jenn this past Sunday and with her new found high speed internet access we introduced her to Chad Vader and she introduced us to Burt Lancaster’s shiny man b00bs. Everyone say hello to Jenn; she makes out with Burt in the pool.

Live free or Die Hard

I will refrain from making obvious sexual jokes about the title of this movie but I will say that this movie was the best action movie I’ve seen in years.   Almost as good as the first, but better than any of the other two that have preceded it.       Yes there are times where you have to stretch to suspend disbelief, but it was definitely worth our $11.75 (yes $11.75 because we decided to spring for the Imax screen – decidedly not worth the extra dollars.)     Anyway, Bruce is as kickass as he always was and the plot made sense and moved along quickly.

Yippie ki yay Motherfucker!

Movie talkers beware

hughes-215493385-1180488977_thumb.jpgRegal entertainment is releasing a remote control to it’s frequent movie watchers that would allow someone to alert theater management of rude patrons (read idiot teens on their cell phones).

It’s a shame that we even need devices like this, but I advocate even more agressive means.   How about wiring everyone’s chair with a noise detector and electrical wiring?   Go over a certain amount of decibels and get a shock to the nether region.

Just a thought.