Fired! The Blog Post

I’m watching Fired! the movie right now, which was written and produced by Annabelle Gurwitch. I’ve been fired and still am out there. Out there doing what, I don’t know but watching this reminds me of that last day.

How bad must it be to get fired over the phone?  My last layoff/firing, we had folks fired over the phone. It really wasn’t much better being fired in person. I’m using the term fired because I’m tired of  euphemisms, laid off, let go, downsized – we were told that due to the economic conditions our “employment had been impacted“. In the other meeting, the meeting for those not fired, we were called the “affected”. Do I hear  leprosy?

So when it became obvious that I was losing my job, I did what anyone else would do – I updated my Facebook status. Once we got fired, we then we had to wait, because who doesn’t want to hang around after getting fired? The mournful looks, the crying, the avoidance (the person that ran my department never even talked to me) –  good times, good times; man I wish I could do it all over again. Of course this was my fourth experience like this – so I better be careful what I ask for.

When we returned to our desks, there were no boxes, no computers, and our badges didn’t work (we needed to ask for help to go pee).  The best was what I’d like to refer to as the “eradication  of the affected” – as we came to grips with what had happened to us, someone walked around taking our name tags down, as we stood there. (Actually I had to rummage for boxes, so it wasn’t just standing around). The final indignation was the elevator ride down. Stolen boxes in hand, workers from other companies on the elevator with us stealing glances at us. Maybe I did have  leprosy?

To be honest, when this happened I was so grateful not to have to go back into that office ever again. You don’t realize until you’re gone that it really isn’t worth it. All the late hours, the  traveling, the missed family time – was in the end what I traded for this job that got me kicked out the door. I’ve spent 18 years in the work force learning how I don’t want to spend the next 20 or so years. It’s like starting all over, and a lot of people feel this way. So many people have been turned into nomadic employees by hammering in the fact that our employment is at their will.

Best line in the movie: Getting fired is God’s way of saying you should be doing something else. Being that this is the fourth time for me, I’d say that God is being really insistent.

Damn skippy.

Day 0: Wow – I’m now a statistic

Today I was laid off.  I wish I could muster up some appropriate emotion, but as it stands I can only feel the immense weight off my shoulders. For a long time I’ve wanted to hit the reset button on my career. Do something I actually want to do. Work with passionate people doing important things.

Or maybe I need a job just pushing the button in front of me. And then when the day is done I simply stop and not think about that button until the next day.

Or maybe I need to hit the lottery? For now I have time to do some things. I’m going to breathe.  I’m going to get some things done. And I’m going to find a job that works for me better than the last one did.

I feel for my co-workers that were taken by surprised and for who this will be a burden. We’re all going to end up in good places – this is just part of the process.

Tomorrow’s a new day and for the first time in a long time, there’s nothing to dread about it.