Everything Is Illuminated

Since Spencer is a busy man these last remaining days leading up to his wedding day, I have volunteered to guest blog. (I’m Grace, his best [wo]man.) I decided to take this opportunity to do some celebrating and bragging—about what else? Spencer and Kristen!

Spencer is getting married this weekend. He’s a lucky man—Kristen is one A-class, wonderful person. And of course, Kristen is a lucky woman too. They are a great pair. Theirs is a relationship that won’t be broken by time or difficulty or worldly concerns. Actually, seeing them together, it makes one happy to know them because they illuminate what can be good and peaceful and fun about a relationship.

If you spent a lifetime studying the best couples throughout history you wouldn’t be able to find the perfect formula for a lasting, loving relationship. Too many uncontrolled factors are at play, from money to personality to the subconscious to the environment to creative energy to the last time your mother said ‘I love you.’ And even more confusingly, those uncontrolled factors change over time within any one relationship.

We just don’t know what makes it work! But when we see it, we know it. Spencer and Kristen got it, and all of their friends and family will gather this Saturday to witness them making a lifelong commitment to each other. I couldn’t be happier for them. Congratulations, you two!

Plus, we’ll get cake.