Andy Reid | the smell of desperation

I am lost. I know the fans (who were excited that Kevin Kolb was named the starter in February) wanted Michael Vick in September, but Eagles fans are generally morons; I expected more out of Andy Reid.

I probably wouldn’t have traded Donovan McNabb in the first place, but I could understand and accept the reasoning. Kevin Kolb was the future of this team and McNabb was the past. I know that Michael Vick gives them a chance to win now, but I thought the plan was to win the big one? Donovan McNabb was let go because he couldn’t win the big game. The same argument can be made against Michael Vick. Does everyone forget how Michael Vick looked in the playoffs? Say what you want about McNabb, he’s never looked that bad in the playoffs. His issue was always ending up a drive short – not an entire game. Is Michael Vick what we got rid of Donovan McNabb for? Does he really give you a better chance to win in January? No.

The only reason for this decision is that Andy Reid has to win now. Joe Banner is holding him responsible for 10 years of failure, as he should, and Kevin Kolb is paying the price. Reid doesn’t care about the Super Bowl, he cares about his job.

I used to love the Eagles, now I can barely stand them.

Andy Reid needs to go now — anything else is a waste of time.

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