Lost Across the Sea Recap – An episode that challenges the faithful and the patient

After all these years of Lost, I’m annoyed at my fellow fans. Obviously last night’s episode Across the Sea was important to the overall story and covered facts that needed to be told. As such it was an transitional episode – an episode that sets up the next few episodes.

I think after all this time the producers of Lost deserve our loyalty, our faith. I’m reserving judgement until the story is told and not until then.

As for the episode. It is very apparent to me that Locke and Jack are Jacob and his brother. The scene where MIB tells Jacob that he has found a way off he island and Jacob responds that he doesn’t want to leave the island – that the island was his home – that’s a scene that Jack and Locke did earlier in the series. Man of Faith, Man of Science.

Also, I found it interesting that the two brothers were conceived off the island and born there. The protector can’t be conceived on the island – this is the reason for the fertility experiments (led by Ben who is aligned with Jacob) and ultimately why Jacob goes to find his replacement off the island.

Also – did you notice that CJ (Alison Janey) was killed by MIB without her saying a word?

One thing I didn’t like was the end, after the death of CJ and MIB, when Jacob arranges them in the cave, where the directors showed Jack and Kate finding their bodies years later. Lost is generally good at not making such overt hints – they reward their most attentive, faithful watchers and give them much more credit than this. That was the sort of thing that we would have figured out, but obviously it was so important we couldn’t be trusted not to catch it.

What were your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Lost Across the Sea Recap – An episode that challenges the faithful and the patient

  1. I'm glad to see that you see Jack and Locke as the brothers. I've felt more and more confirmed in that belief over the past few episodes. Part of me has this vision of Jack and Locke playing MiB's backgammon set as the show ends. Ah, but who knows?

    I hadn't thought about CJ buying the farm without a word being spoken. Very good catch, Spencer! (And I'm deeply amused that we're all seeing Janney as CJ.) You have to wonder if she's a big fan and asked to be in an episode.

    • Ooh – that needed a little editing.

      I have to credit Kristen with telling me that people have been calling her either CJ or Mother online. Apparently there are people that didn't like this casting. It's a bit odd to have that kind of a star, but I think she nailed the performance.

      • I'm probably not qualified to comment,as someone who basically just started watching this season (while simultaneously watching Season 1.) But I really liked Across the Sea…I guess because I saw it as working towards the climax, and answering some big questions. Maybe if I'd been watching all along I'd already know those answers.

        So, I'm curious if you think the entire season hasn't been as good as the previous ones because the writers are making it too understandable to people like me who haven't been watching all along. (I've been viewing with my 10-year-old and neither one of us has found the storylines the least bit hard to follow. Of course, we do both have gifted minds ;)

  2. But what's funny, right, is that Jack was always disbelieving and wanting to leave and Locke was believing and wanting to stay, but now the roles are reversed – Jack wants to be on the island and "Locke" wants to leave.

    I agree, a good transitional episode, and necessary.

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