Wall Street vs. Main (Fayette) Street in Conshohocken

It seems the past few years that we’ve been assault by banks. If it’s not credit cards or crazy mortgage lending. Now it seems that Continental Bank wants to tear down a beautiful building in the center of Conshohocken to build a bank. Within this small borough we have six banks (including a credit union). Do we really need another one?

I will be writing more about this as I find out more, but Conshohocken residents can not let this happen.

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7 thoughts on “Wall Street vs. Main (Fayette) Street in Conshohocken

  1. Watch out Spencer — get your facts straight first.
    1. Zoning board has to approve a few more aspects of the project before anything moves forward.
    2. Planning commission needs to recommend approval of design as well before anything moves forward.
    3. Council has to approve final land development deal before anything mores forward.

    Here is what I know:
    1. Zoning board approved all but one variance, the number of parking spots. They are waiting on a traffic engineers report.
    2. Planning commission (which I sit on) is not happy with several aspects of the new building.
    3. Council should expect an ear full from residents as it appears local support is strong to retain the building.

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    • Brian,

      Regarding your point #2… Is one of the aspects of the new building that the planning commission (which you sit on) is not happy with that they intend to tear down the existing structure and put up a new building?

      • Brent…I think I understand your question. The Planning Commission was not happy with a variety of the planned land development….They include, but are not limited to:
        1. The tear down of a potentially historic building.
        2. The number of parking spots.
        3. The traffic issues associated with a bank at this location.
        4. The look/feel of the building.
        5. The landscape plans.

        I've posted to my site, Councilman Jason Salus has now posted and the Borough site has had postings regarding the development of this site. Fact is, assuming Zoning approves all waivers, there will be a recommendation from the Planning Commission and then Council will take that recommendation and vote on it. So, if you have an opinion on what should occur to the building or want to comment, I suggest you attend all three of these meetings. They are public, we all open the floor to public comment and we take these comments into consideration when we vote. Email your Councilperson and give him/her your opinion.
        My recent post Fire on W 6th Ave

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