The Fake French Disgrace Themselves in Haiti

I had problems with CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting when he could help – well he changed my mind here. On Friday night the UN told the a Belgian medical team of 60 that they wouldn’t provide security, but they would evacuate them. So the ball-less Belgian director Geert Gijs ordered all the doctors out; and they left; and they took all medical supplies with them. Gupta stayed behind along with a Haitian nurse and took care of the patients by themselves for the entire night.

“I’ve never been in a situation like this. This is quite ridiculous,” Gupta said.

I’ll take you one further – it’s disgraceful. Save for a gun at my head, I don’t think I could have left suffering patients. At a time when many lives hung by a thread, their decision to leave could have done damage, when they took an oath not to do so.

Disgraceful indeed.

4 thoughts on “The Fake French Disgrace Themselves in Haiti

  1. screw the Haitians. they lived in a caribbean paradise and they destroyed it long before the earth quake. they are a nation of thieves and beggars. They are being punished by a higher power. Let castro and their neibors help them. Feed our own rebuild our own

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