Turn off your TVs and Internet this week

palin-turkeyWith Sarah Palin’s book being released this week, get ready for the onslaught. If I could read it for free, I would, but I don’t like lining the pockets of a moron. Why would I read it; for a good laugh? Well yes – and how can I criticize the book without reading it?

Anyway – here’s your warning. Avoid the tele an the internet this week if you want to keep your sanity.

2 thoughts on “Turn off your TVs and Internet this week

  1. Haha! Try working at a bookstore! I work in Music so don't hear too much, but whenever a big political book comes out it's just awful. People accuse us of trying to hide certain books. Actually, one of the employees is one of the worst. I have to tell him to shut up all the time because I don't care to hear how much he hates certain people.

    People get into fighting about their books, though. There's a big table of all Twilight stuff right near my dept. I love it bc it's fun, but all day I hear people talk smack on it. Jeez, it's just a book!

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