Top Albums of Decade (2000-2009): 41-50

Today we start counting down the top 50.  You can share your favorite albums or comments in the comment section.

I have a full running list of the top albums of the last decade.

41. Long Gone Before the Daylight (2004) – The Cardigans
42. Franz Ferdinand (2004) – Franz Ferdinand
43. Parachutes (2000) – Coldplay
44. Van Lear Rose (2004) – Loretta Lynn
45. The Rhumb Line (2008) – Ra Ra Riot
46. The Modern Leper (2008) – Frightened Rabbit
47. You Are the Quarry (2004) – Morrissey
48. Some Cities (2005) – Doves
49. Consolers of the Lonely (2008) – The Raconteurs
50. The Reminder (2007) – Feist

top-albums-decade-41-50comments: It was hard to rank 100 albums but I feel that the list gets stronger with each 10. Consolers of the Lonely, The Reminder, The Rhumb Line, Parachutes, and Franz Ferdinand are among my all-time favorites. I guess by definition these are all among my all-time top albums.

5 thoughts on “Top Albums of Decade (2000-2009): 41-50

  1. Ok, now we're getting into some good stuff. I thought I was the only person in America to buy that Cardigans album. So good! Also love the Loretta Lynn, Feist, and Raconteurs. You have good taste.

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