Top 100 albums 2000-2009: 100-91

Over then next two weeks I’m going to be posting my favorite albums of the past 10 years, 2000-2009. Note I say my favorites – I know that there are albums that I might have missed or should have been higher, but these are the ones I think rank.

I won’t talk about all of the albums. Only comments where necessary. Would love to hear your comments.

91. Kill the Moonlight (2002) – Spoon
92. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (2005) – Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
93. You & Me (2008) – The Walkmen
94. Born Again in the USA (2006) – Loose Fur
95.  musicforthemorningafter (2001) – Pete Yorn
96. You Were Here (2000) – Sarah Harmer
97. Alligator (2005) – The National
98. Sunset Studies (2000) – Augie March
99. These Four Walls (2006) – Shawn Colvin
100. The Weight is a Gift (2005) – Nada Surf

comments: Loose Fur is a side protect of Jeff Tweedy and Born Again in the USA was an album I liked more than most Wilco albums of the decade. musicforthemorningafter by Pete Yorn has some great. Spoon had a great decade and became one of my favorite bands. Kill the Moonlight has some great songs and a lot of songs you’ve heard in movies and television.

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