Best music of the decade – coming next week

First off – yes the current decade ends on December 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM. No the decade does not end on that same date in 2010. It’s funny how much confusion there is about this. I believe people are remembering that the last millennium ended January 1, 2001, but millenniums and decades are two different things – hence the two different names. Plus…

I don’t care. I will be posting a list of the top 100 albums (my favorites) of the past 10 years (2000-2009) – if you count, you’ll see there’s 10 years there.

It’s been difficult to make sure I don’t miss anything. Also difficult is ranking albums that are very recent or that I haven’t heard in awhile. Getting to 100 was a chore, but they’re all good quality albums and a good snapshot of the decade.

Tune in Monday for albums 100-91.

5 thoughts on “Best music of the decade – coming next week

    • Well I have a list of 100 ranked. Numbers 1-40 or so are pretty solid. It's ranking the next 60. Between 41 and 80 or so I could really flip a coin. Same for 81-100. All good albums though – it'll be interesting to see what I miss.

  1. People get all bent out of shape because there was no year 0 or something. Meh, it's your blog. YOU decide which ten years you want to review. I will be here devouring the list regardless.

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