Eagles sign Vick. Fans revolt.

Michael Vick signed with the Eagles. Why? Let me start here – if I were an NFL owner, I would not have hired Michael Vick to my team. That would be my right. I think what he did was reprehensible, and I wouldn’t want to associate him with my team and my brand. It seems that year after year the Eagles give me more reasons to like them less and less. They don’t seem to like their fans and and they treat their employees like shit (see Brian Dawkins).

Thank goodness the Phillies have come back to their rightful spot as #1 in my sports heart.

That said.

There’s a lot of talk about how he shouldn’t be allowed back in the NFL, that he was given his chance and he blew it. Well that isn’t how this country works. I can see preventing him from taking jobs that are related to his offense – so he can’t work at a kennel or at a pet store, but the NFL is a sports league, and I think a lot of people forget that. Each NFL team is their own company and makes the decision on their own. It seems somehow un-American for people to be saying that the NFL should have prevented the teams from making this hiring decision. I don’t know if that is a country I want to be part of.

People want him to pay and pay and pay again. That again is not how this country works. If you want that type of legal system, move to Iran – I think we all see how people are treated there.

I do wish someone else had signed him – I don’t want my team associated with a thug like him. We now have the most hated man in all of sports. It kind of sickens me, but that said – he’s done his time, I see no need to punish him further.

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14 thoughts on “Eagles sign Vick. Fans revolt.

  1. I think Vick deserves a second chance. I understand the uproar from the fans, but i think that will cool down. 2 years was more than enough for what the law dictates on this crime. The sentence would have been 2 months or less, but they got the big time for him running a gambling ring and laundering money. I generally think people deserve a second chance.

  2. Vick deserves nothing. He went out of his way to think of the most painful ways to torture these dogs and kill them. What he did was done over and over again and would have never stopped unless he got caught. He has no right to play in the NFL. Felons always end up with crap jobs, let him go work at a crap job.

  3. I agree with the first part of the sentence – there’s a difference between having a right and deserving it. If you feel his rights should have been encumbered – your argument is with the legal system. But at the end of a prisoner’s term – they say “you’ve paid your debt to society”. Think about what that means – it means that your punishment for whatever crime you’ve committed – is considered paid in full. Yes there are things you can no longer do, but the debt is paid.

    Felons always end up with crap jobs, let him go work at a crap job. Like Robert Downey Jr., Kelsey Grammer, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson (rape btw), Kiefer Sutherland, or Tim Allen (not to mention 50% of rappers) all went on to crap jobs after they committed their crimes?

  4. “I think Vick deserves a second chance.”

    Are you talking about the Ron Mexico second chance, the hidden (drug) compartment in the airport second chance, the flipping fans off second chance, the many problems at Virginia Tech second chance?

    September is Herpes Awareness month in Philadelphia. Here’s the new Eagles motto for the 2009 season “You wants to party, you gots to wear a condom.”

  5. I’m somewhere in between on this…you’re right Spencer – the debt was paid (although I feel there’s a difference between crimes involving drug abuse and something sadistic, so I take some exception to comparing to someone like Robert D.Jr. who, as far as I know, only hurt himself.)

    But, there is an obvious personality disorder in someone who can see sport in dogs ripping each other apart. Is that something that can be fixed/overcome? I don’t know.

    Still – football is a game – and guys don’t get chosen to play based on the pureness of their virtue.

    But mostly, it’s big business. Like every other business, money is the bottom line. So there’s no reason to expect that anything matters in that game more than making the team winning/profitable. Still, I think less of Eagles management for this decision, if only because it exposes those base priorities in a glaring light.

    By the way, can you tell I don’t like football?
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  6. if he were any other black man on the streets in philly he would not be given a second chance. it just so happens that he was fortunate enough to have a talent which he in turn shit all over. i don’t think the nfl should turn a blind eye because obviously he could care less. if his future or integrity mattered to him he would not have taken part in such heinous activities. if it were anyone else there would be no second chances….especially in philadelphia.

  7. You people have to be kidding me when you say he has done his time and deserves a second chance. At first he plead not guilty to all the charges. There was so much evidence against him that he plea barging the charges down. Unfortunately the legal system will take the path of least resistance. Instead of taking the effort and time to properly prosecute Vick, Vick’s plea of guilty on most of the charges was good enough. If the legal system did not take the easy way Vick would of been charged with illegal gambling as well, making him unable to ever play professional sports again. It is amazing how gullible people are believing he is sincere when he apologizes for his actions. His attitude toward dog cruelty and fighting has not changed. He is only apologizing because he has to since he got caught.

  8. Really, he plead not guilty? That never happens in our legal system. And all your coulda shoulda wouldas, he served the time he was sentenced to – end of story.

    And please tell me how you know he’s insincere? Are you some sort of a telepath? No one ever said they believe his schtick – but does that matter? Send me the law where it says he needs to be sincere in his attitude.

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  10. Has anyone seen the 60 Minutes interview with Vick? I haven’t yet, but everyone was saying how insincere he seemed. He really does seem to be a complete jerk who still really doesn’t know why what he did was such a big deal. He seems sorry he got caught, but not for much else. I guess that’s neither here nor there. He won’t be the first jerk to make millions of dollars. If the NFL had a jerk filter each team would only have 3 guys. I have a new slogan for the NFL: Home of Criminals, Assholes and Losers.

  11. Jon – another thing, most felons don’t have the opportunity to come out of prison and get a job that isn’t crap. Most are from broken homes, uneducated, abused, etc. Their job prospects are limited by those facts in addition to their legal status.

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