69 year-old mother dies leaving her sons motherless

That headline wouldn’t be so horrible until you find out the mother gave birth a few months prior to her 67th birthday. The woman, Maria del Carmen Bousada of Spain, lied to physicians in Los Angeles about her age. She told them she was 55 (as if that’s not too old). She died recently of cancer leaving these children without their only parent.

If only we could choose our parents.

I guess people grow up without parents all the time – maybe these kids are better off; clearly their mother was a moron.

3 thoughts on “69 year-old mother dies leaving her sons motherless

  1. Part of me feels like this post was kind of a bit wrong; mean-spirited.

    Yeah she was a moron – and these kids are the worse for it, but I think the point should have been more about what her decision will put these kids through. How selfish can someone be?

  2. Who would do that!?!
    i mean, she must have known that those kids were going to have an awful life, so why be selfish enough to give birth to innocent life that will only have a sucky time on the planet?
    Just awful.

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