Cheap good music: Fanfarlo – “Reservoir”

Thanks to Kelly’s Alter Ego for this one. I downloaded  Fanfarlo’s Reservoir which can be had for the fan-friendly price of $1 through the Fanfarlo website or the link below. For a dollar, I’ll try anything (probably why my iPhone is is loaded with crappy 99 cent apps).  Anyway.

Upon one listen, this is a dollar very well spent. They sort of remind me of Andrew Bird (the voice) meets the Decemberists (friends, that’s a good thing). I love  artists that market themselves this way – I read a book recently about music marketing and it made the statement that “first you listen to music, then you like it, then you buy it; it can happen in no other sequence.” This is how it worked in the past with radio, but the new economy changed how you listen. And the lack of compelling radio meant that people found other often illegal means to listen. Giving people the opportunity to first listen  is crucial to artist success.

You can listen to some songs below and if you like, click the download button.

2 thoughts on “Cheap good music: Fanfarlo – “Reservoir”

  1. Well put Spencer. Much better than my post which was lazily written I will admit. Fanfarlo’s Reservoir is some good stuff and I’m excited to see how the album stands up after repeated listens.

  2. Poor grammar – I have to copy edit myself in the morning. It’s like my comma key is broken.

    I think the album will hold up – especially with the comparisons you and I have made.

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