Cats and Dogs can live together – it’s the humans that fuck things up

There are people out there that simply do not have any right to live. As bad as Michael Vick’s behavior was, this is worse. In South Jersey someone tied a pit bull to his bumper (yes he, only a man would do this) sorry, I digress, he tied his pit bull to his pickup truck and dragged the dog through a South Jersey neighborhood. The dog was found on a neighbor’s porch the next morning – horribly mutilated, but alive, and treating it’s handlers better than its previous experiences with humans would demand.

More than any thing that happens in the world – it’s things like this that sadden me the most. This isn’t just violence – this is sociopathic. Of course it was also last week that Miami police arrested a man for the mutilation attacks on up to 30 cats.

It just seems that we should be putting this type of behavior behind us. In all the sci-fi movies we evolve past this kind of violence. Where’s the future where we’d be have no wars, murder would be a thing of the past, and money wouldn’t exist – ok, that one may be coming true.

Where is the future we were promised?

3 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs can live together – it’s the humans that fuck things up

  1. Seriously. For more horribleness please pop over to my site and check out my post from yesterday about roaming gangs of dog killers in China. WTF?

    It kind of makes me hate everybody. And reminds me of this old post too.

    I seriously need to buy a farm out in the country somewhere and just become a crazy recluse with hundreds of dogs and cats and whatnot.

    Jenn’s last blog post..What the fucking fuck, China?

  2. Funny how these stories led both of us to curse in our titles. ;) I don’t know if I want to be a recluse, but maybe a commune is in order?

    I’m not generally such a hard ass about animal abuse because I think we as people are just as abusive to each other, but animals and children can’t protect themselves and furthermore if they had the ability to choose, they would often get the fuck out.

  3. it’s absolutely disgusting and don’t even get me started on what some people do to babies and young children….I can’t even generally read those stories….

    Seriously WTF is wrong with people?

    We just saw something on HBO real sports about racing horse owners getting rid of horses that don’t win so they can be violently butchered in slaughter houses in canada and mexico for meat. I’m not a vegetarian but seeing how they were killing these animals just made me sick.

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