SEPTA needs to move into the 20th century

On my way into Philly to meet some former co-workers for a drink. I’m taking SEPTA public transit and I’ll give them props when deserved but today the deserve complaints. SEPTA charges extra for buying tickets on the train but provides no way to buy tickets ahead of time at most stations. No online e-tickets, no ticket machines, and few ticket counters with decent hours. What’s worse is that SEPTA tickets expire, so you can’t buy a few in advance and just keep them around.

In this day and age, with all the technological advances available this simply makes no sense.

SEPTA – you can do better than this.

One thought on “SEPTA needs to move into the 20th century

  1. Do the tickets really expire though? They say “No value after 180 days.” thus you can not return or exchange them after 180 days. They do not however day ‘VOID after 180 days’ so if anyone gives you a hard time there is technically they don’t expire at all. Also, unless they have changed what the tickets look like, they rarely check the dates so using an ‘expired’ ticket would likely go unnoticed.

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