Jon & Kate plus 8 million

I will go on record as always disliking this show and I have never watched a full episode. Still I think I am a good judge of character and I can tell there is a total lack of it in all ends. I am absolutely disgusted with this show, the parents, the network – everyone involved.

The only purpose for this show at this stage is money. The parents can’t stand each other. Their families are beginning to turn on them. The children have to live their life on a stage. Yes, the only reasons for this show to go on is for Kate and TLC to make her money on the backs of their children.

An interesting thing about this whole thing is that even though it’s Jon that may have cheated, it’s Kate that seems to come out on the short end of public opinion. She’s comes off as an aggressively ambitious and pampered woman that has pimped out her family for money. I can not imagine what it would be like to married to her. Not that Jon is blameless in all this – he’s spineless shell of a man and just watches as his family is destroyed. Let’s not forget TLC – they had 8 million viewers this past week, their largest ever audience, to watch Jon & Kate squirm in front of them. It’s the same instinct that causes people to look at accidents on the side of the road.

Let me add to this that the Pennsylvania Department of Labor are stepping in response to a complaint about child labor. It’s about time someone with some common sense step in and do what’s right for the children. The children deserve some sanity.

The best thing that we can for them is not watch. It would take away some of the profit motive as well as affording them some dignity.

But as long as those children help puts the family in large house after large house I have to think there’ll be a network broadcasting them and people willing to watch.

Music of 2009: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

yeah-yeah-yeahs_its-blitzIt’s Blitz   was promoted as a more electronic sound, but while I hear that influence – it still sounds like the same Yeah Yeah Yeahs to me – and that’s a good thing. I think their image makes people dismiss them, but YYY has quietly become one of the best indie bands around, and while people want to talk about acts like Grizzly Bear or Andrew Bird this year, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are doing their own thing and doing it well.

Definitely get the deluxe version – the acoustic versions are better in most cases than the original.

My Favorites: Soft Shock, Hysteric


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz (iTunes)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! (Amazon MP3)

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Music of 2009: Metric Fantasies

metric_fantasiesI was late on my Best of 2008, but I’m catching up on my mid-year report. This will be an ongoing feature, so come back – subscribe to my RSS feed – and share your comments.

Maybe my favorite this year – Metric is a Canadian band that is associated with Broken Social Scene, along with artists like Feist and Jason Collett among others.   Sometimes they come off as a more indie sounding Elastica.   Excellent grooves – catchy melodies. Fantasies goes well with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz of for a good party mix.

My Favorite tracks: Help Me I’m Alive, Sick Muse, Satellite Mind, Gold Gun Girls

Metric – Fantasies (iTunes)

Metric- Fantasies (Amazon MP3)

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The new America

Obama Supreme CourtToday I saw a black President of the United States present a Puerto Rican woman as his nominee for the Supreme Court. Today we saw more of the new America.

The conservatives are going to have a hard time with Sonia Sotomayor. She works in a district where the death penalty isn’t used and abortion rights aren’t challenged much – so there isn’t a lot of mud on her record to sling.

Conservatives will find some reason to hate her but what people need to remember over the next few months is that most of what you hear is entirely partisan. If Obama had nominated a Republican old white male, the conservatives would find a problem him. It’s the old rule – object to everything; but this is the new America –  the old rules don’t apply here.

When Obama was nominated he gave people all over the world to feel proud, for they could look at themselves, their children, their community and say the top floor doesn’t seem so out of reach now. Now Sotomayor’s nomination confirms that swelling of pride. The best and brightest don’t need to come from prep schools in Connecticut – they can come from the projects in the Bronx.

I’m as proud today as I was on January 20. And I suspect millions of Americans feel that same way.

I dare the conservatives to take that on.

Smiling and the beginning of the Robot Uprising

You should smile unless you’re in Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada, or Virginia.

Just read in USA Today (don’t ask me why I was reading USA Today) that the 4 states listed above have begun disallowing smiles in DMV photos. Apparently they use facial recognition software to compare photos to photos on other licenses and smiles kind of screw up the process.

We all know from the movies that robots have problems can’t handle emotion. So now the robots are evening the playing field and asking humans to eliminate emotions.  It’s  a slippery slope I tell you.

Next thing you know – once more without emotion, the humans are dead, dead, dead.