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This is more for the fans than the Eagles.  I’ve been hearing all the fans and media talk about trading our last remaining 1st round pick for Anquan Boldin.  While I would love for Boldin to play for the Eagles, everyone needs to realize there are more pressing concerns.  Brian Westbrook has never been the picture of durability, and he’s turning 30.  If the Eagles have a chance to find a back that can replace him, they absolutely need to do that.  If that means they need to trade up to get Knowshon Moreno or Chris “Beanie” Wells, they need to do that.  If this means they can’t trade for Boldin, then so be it.

Listen to me here: wide receiver is the least important offensive position on the field.  The offensive line, quarterback, and running back are much important to an offense in that order.  I’m including the tight end in the O-line, but if you want to separate it, then yes – WR is more important than TE. Having a top notch WR is gravy and if you’re deficient in any of the other positions, fix those first.  The Eagles can boldly address a huge problem at the RB position, and a Ryan Moats type 2nd round pick ain’t going to do it.

Thank goodness the Eagles rarely listen to the fans and press, don’t start now.

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  1. LOL – and I have no problem with it. Plus, once Moreno was gone – there was no running back worth taking with that first pick. There was a tight end – and Pettigrew would have been nice. If they had traded for Boldin – they may not have had that second round pick to draft the RB. From what I’m reading, Maclin shouldn’t have fallen as far as he did (thanks Al Davis – what a moron) and Knoshon Moreno definitely shouldn’t have gone at 12.

    Another note: that tight-end that they took in the 5th, Cornelius Ingram, I was looking at him a couple of days ago. He has a couple of red flags, but he may be a huge steal. Sat out last season with a bad knee, but otherwise wouldn’t have waited to the 5th round.

  2. I think you’re really going to like LeSean McCoy. He may need a year or so to mature a little(on the field – not off) and ‘fill out’ a bit more but he’s an incredibly gifted natural runner and though he didn’t get the ball thrown to him all that much at pitt he’s got good hands (which he apparently showed off at the combine)

    He needs to get better at blocking and blitz pickup situations but given the offense the eagles run and the type of back they have in westbrook that was a great pick for them.

    If he’d have stayed in school he’d have a first round pick for sure and maybe even top 15. But his family and financial situation was such that staying in school and risking a torn ACL or something wasn’t an option for him when weighed against an nfl paycheck.

  3. I really wanted the Eagles to take McCoy. He was described as the best pass catching RB in this year’s draft. I would have loved Moreno, but once he was gone, McCoy was next on my list. He looks a lot like Westbrook did coming out of college.

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