Tax day eve – Thanks to Conshohocken for making things difficult

Yes I procrastinated.

First few months of this year, I was busy and on the road and honestly just avoided it. We always get a refund, so no big deal…until this year. This year we owe and owe big. And of course the timing couldn’t be better with me without a job.


Anyway one thing that’s always annoyed me about taxes is that we have local authorities taxing us too. I don’t mind paying them a tax, as a matter of fact, I feel it’s our patriotic duty to pay taxes.   But honestly it’s amateur hour sometimes when you get small towns taxing you. In Conshohocken you have to pay taxes to two authorities – Berkheimer and Keystone, half a percent to each. As to why we can’t pay a full percent to one authority, I don’t know (I will ask though). Because of this, I have to fill out two tax forms for a borough of around 8,000 people – that’s one more tax form than I have to fill out for the federal government. I guess this is better than two years ago – Conshohocken decided to switch to the two tax authority system mid-year. This meant for half the year we had to pay one tax authority a full percent and the other half of the year we split that percent between two authorities; this led to some creative math.   Honestly with all the websites that are out there to do your federal taxes, it’s more straightforward to complete than the local taxes.

Thank goodness it’s over save for paying and a few signatures.

3 thoughts on “Tax day eve – Thanks to Conshohocken for making things difficult

  1. Yeah, makes me crazy as well. On top of that, my company does not withhold the local tax. So, any refund I might get from the Feds, goes right back to locals. There has to be a better way…

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