I’ll miss you Brian Dawkins, but…

71465315DH0164_eagle_packYesterday the Philadelphia Eagles lost their heart and soul in Brian Dawkins.   Dawkins was more than a player –   he was a coach on the field.   I remember in a game last year when former Eagles’ rookie Matt McCoy made a boneheaded penalty, it was Dawkins that dressed him down on the sidelines. I think Dawkins would make a great head coach one day. That’s how much I thought of him.

As much as loved Dawkins as a player, I’m not going to blame the Eagles for allowing him to walk away. He got more money than he’s worth at 36.   I didn’t want him to leave, but it wasn’t stay at all costs.   I now hope that the Eagles will spend the money on a stud safety 10 years younger.   I hate to say it, but the Eagles are running a football team, not the hall of fame.   The worse thing you can do as a team is to allow nostalgia to blind you to reality. It happened to the Philadelphia Phillies after 1993 when they decided to spend a lot of money on a bunch of past their prime players.   It ruined their team for years after that.

When the season starts in September, all that we’ll care about is whether it will end with the Eagles hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. You think I’m wrong?   How many people mentioned Aaron Rowand’s name after the Phils won the series?   Not many.   Winning cures all.   But for those games in October, we’re going to miss B-Dawk.

And we’re going to miss him now.   Wish you well B-Dawk.

2 thoughts on “I’ll miss you Brian Dawkins, but…

  1. As a fellow Eagles fan, it was really, really tough to see him leave. I get that you need to put business first, but I think this guy was worth $7-8M guaranteed over the next 2-3 years if that’s what it took to keep him – especially considering how much money they have this off-season and how little they are spending.

    Either way, I’m hoping they are setting themselves up to make a splash with Anquan Boldin. I highly doubt Arizona is going to sign him to a new deal, and things could get ugly if that’s the case. With Warner back on a two year deal, I think they will want to load up in the draft to solidify their defense and try and make a few more runs at the Super Bowl.

    It doesn’t look like his situation there is going to end well and the Eagles clearly have the most to offer in terms of money and compensation. That would make things much more tolerable for the fans and for McNabb!

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