Amazon MP3 Deal: New Morrissey Album $3.99

For those of us fossils that still buy our albums, here’s a link to the new Morrissey album ”
Years Of Refusal” on Amazon MP3 where for the time being it’s $3.99. This is supposed to be a good album – love the cover.

4 thoughts on “Amazon MP3 Deal: New Morrissey Album $3.99

  1. Gaaaaaah! I just paid $9.98 for it at Target today. I figured I should pick it up while I was waiting for my happy anti-pneumonia Rx at the pharmacy.

    Dammit. Should check your blog and the Amazon page first, always!!!

  2. I grabbed this one, last week.

    The album is pretty great.

    “Something Is Squeezing My Skull” is one of the best songs he’s ever written. I want to go see him at the Kimmel Center.

    Any takers?

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