Prop 8 – The Musical

Very cool video here featuring great cast covering the Prop 8 debacle.

I haven’t said much about the Prop 8 vote but let me be perfectly clear – we black people need to remember we were oppressed also, Mormons need to stay to their own fucked up back water state, and honestly us straight folk haven’t done such an  honorable  job of maintaining the sanctity of marriage. If some one is in love, wants to marry to show it, then who’s business is it that they be straight or gay?

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  • Spencer

    BTW – does Margaret Cho think she’s an NBA player with those tats?

  • Cyn

    If only I had known Jack Black was Jesus…I would have enjoyed Catholic school a lot more.

  • Sarah

    I’d like Jesus a lot more if he really were Jack Black.

  • Jessica

    I love Jack Black!

    Tagged you with a meme on my blog today. Let me know if you have time to tell me more about you during this busy holiday season.